Parental Control Software: The Pros and Cons of Monitoring Your Child’s Social Media Use

As a parent, your top priority is keeping your child safe. Social media plays a significant role in  every child’s life, so monitoring activity and ensuring their child’s online safety is essential.  Parental control software helps check your child’s social media use, but is it worth it? This software raises moral questions, and its usage … Read more

Leicht Perlig – Family, Relationships & Career

Leicht Perlig (aka “softsparkling” – the name of her social media handles – Instagram and YouTube) is well known for her bold, sultry, mouth-dropping, and attractive photos as well as videos on her Instagram profile. She is a 32-year-old (as of 2024) social media influencer. She has a German ethnic background as disclosed in one … Read more

How Much Are Instagram Ads – Use for a Business Page

Instagram became a trend in marketing promotion back in 2016. Since then, its audience and popularity for the promotion of various business projects is only growing. Its user audience has already surpassed 1 billion people, of which 67% are marketers’ favorite people between the ages of 18 and 34. If you’ve decided to seriously engage … Read more

9 Things to Try if You’re Trying to Catch Your Unfaithful Partner

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Managing the Safety Aspects and Tips of Social Media in 2024

Social media can be a bit tricky to handle, and that’s especially true for businesses and organizations. There are particular aspects that apply to the safety and security of businesses that have to be taken into account when posting on social media. These mistakes can end up costing the business money and time if teams … Read more

Steven-Furtick Net Worth 2024

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Professional Digital Marketer

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