How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Professional Digital Marketer

Marketing is one of the world’s most essential tools in business. A good marketing strategy is what separates a successful business from a non-successful one. A well-established company understands the need and importance to have a perfect marketing strategy and bring their product out in the best manner possible.

Marketing has various benefits, and it is often confused with the subset process of selling. I’m afraid that’s not right as selling is a mere part of marketing, and the titular thing is concerned with a broader and larger scope as it is. The landscape of marketing has changed a lot in the past century.

What started with just producing goods on a large scale to create demand slowly progressed into creating products that were being asked for. Producers shifted from a mere production standpoint to a more customer-related product standpoint. They then evolved into the selling approach, which used aggressive advertising methods to make people buy their products.

The final two stages have progressed into something more relatable to the present: the marketing and societal marketing concept. With all this being said, we’ve ignored the adaptation of marketing onto the digital world. This form of marketing is the most effective and has been more efficient than any other previous form of marketing.

Visit to know more about marketing and how your business can improve using it. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about digital marketing and how to hire a digital marketer professionally. With that being said, without further ado, let’s get in!

What Is Digital Marketing?

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What is digital marketing? Get locked in and ready for this one because digital marketing is just marketing done on a digital platform. The same techniques and methods used to market something on a real-world platform are just replicated by adapting technology to digital platforms.

They will be applied the same way but will be adjusted differently because the medium is differing at hand. Digital marketing involves methods of using everyday marketing through digital platforms such as social media and other digital media.

So, in summary, if you are using a digital strategy to put your company’s products and services on, you are digitally marketing something.

How Does Digital Marketing Work?

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The main question if you are new to digital marketing is how the gears turn in it. In other words, you’d be wondering how it works. The truth is, digital marketing works very similarly to real-world physical marketing. When we say “physical marketing”, we’re referring to door-to-door marketing, pamphlet marketing, newspaper marketing and so forth.

Digital marketing works due to companies allowing other businesses to market their product through digital media such as photos, videos, etc. An example of this would be Instagram.

As we know, Instagram is one of the world’s most famous digital platforms that people use and hence is the recipient of many businesses that want to market their products. Adidas, Nike, Puma, H&M, and many other consumer brands are widely marketed on this platform.

The owner of the forum, Mark Zuckerberg, is directly paid by each company a certain amount to market their products. It’s pretty much the same way traditional marketing works, except it runs on ones and zeros, and the scope and reach of this form of marketing are the highest compared to any other form of marketing.

Market Analysis For Your Digital Marketing

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So now that we’ve got that covered, digital marketing is just marketing done with digital tools. Well, what are the best tools available and the best way to make digital marketing work for you? Well, the very first step when it comes to creating an effective digital marketing strategy is first to identify your market. You see, this is going to be the same whether we’re talking traditional or digital marketing.

Any good marketing strategy first starts with a good analysis. This goes for any activity that requires a lot of patience and hard work to succeed. It isn’t easy to make large amounts of profits without doing your homework right. So make sure to analyze the market that you’re trying to target. Make sure that you can provide something of use and importance to that market, or else, you will be another generic business and none that is actively competing to be the best.

The Pricing For Hiring Professional Digital Marketers

First off, there is no absolute price for any services. As we know, the landscape of providing services these days has changed since the past. Most services these days charge on an hourly basis. And depending on your consultation needs, professional digital marketers can charge accordingly. When coming to social media, there are a lot of aspects that you could get a good consultation on.

This means that there are so many elements in consideration in the field of social media. First off, consumer engagement. Marketers employ various techniques to increase their client’s marketing engagement with potential customers. This, although it is not entirely dependent on the marketers themselves but on the products that you market as well.

They merely boost the average rate of engagement than usual. Second, when it comes to email marketing, they focus more on the CTA resources that are employed. These are all the services and determinants that they need to consider, but the average digital marketing prices for SEO services range from $500 to even $20000 a month.

Pay per click advertising works differently. It is based on the amount of activity that you receive on your ads; hence is more targeted to taking a percentage. Based on the complexity of the marketing, any PPC service would cost you from 5-20% of your total advertising budget.

Social media marketing would cost companies $250-$10000 based on the importance and need for aggressive marketing. Email marketing is again another rate based service, where on average professional digital marketers charge $0.1-$0.5 per email.