Trump’s QAnon followers are a dangerous cult. How to save someone who’s been brainwashed.

Nineteen yrs. back Fri., targets by this Islamist terrorist cult Al Qaeda occurred on American soil, succeeded by conspiracy theories that the CIA bombed the Globe Trade Towers & the Pentagon. These were thoroughly debunked, however they’ve still flourished, as Al Qaeda did itself till the U.S. taken the danger seriously.

As of now we face the other dangerous cult that has inspired political conspiracy theories & can once again accomplish the U.S. homeland damage: QAnon. The shadowy internet-based

company’s followers believe that the globe is run by a global cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles & child sex traffickers who’re plotting over President Donald Trump & his own supporters & that only Trump could safeguard us. There is nice worry that QAnon might turn violent, particularly in case Trump loses the election.

As per QAnon, those engaged within the plotting contain “deep state” govt bureaucrats, Democrats & celebrities. QAnon also seems to be spouting Nazi anti-Semitic tropes, & it utilizes biblical mentions, as some of them are persuaded that Jewish bankers need to enslave citizens & incite globe wars, evoking an out-and-out Nazi cult. They’ve recruited anti-vaxxers who’re espousing distrust of infection experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci, believe Bill Gates wishes to put chips into citizens & think 5G cell towers are dangerous.

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