Maha: COVID-19 patient commits suicide in Sangli

Pune: A 56-year-old COVID-19 patient reportedly attempted suicide by slitting his own throat in Sangli after calling his own son & requesting him to take (2) care of the family (4), police officer said on Mon..

The incident happened late Sun. night in a COVID ability in Miraj, some of the 240 kilometers from here, a Mahatma Gandhi Chowk PS (police station) officer said.

“The demised named his own son, inquired him to take (2) care of the family (4), & afterwards slit his own throat with a knife awhile sitting on his own bed. Doctors attempted to revive him however failed.

The overall incident was nabbed on CCTV cameras in the COVID ability,” he reported.

He stated no suicide note has been identified from that location & a probe has been in progress to locate out why he taken this step.

Hospital (3) officials thereafter on Mon. in the evening stated a fact-finding committee were formed to see of there has been any carelessness on the part of employees in the COVID center.