Corona Virus: Did the power of faith and prayer protect Pakistan from Corona?

It’s as of now much easier to gain to Mangha due to the motorway. After a gap of 1 & a half hours, when the vehicle got (1) off the motorway, green fields have been in front. There have been small shops along the road with kids playing outdoor.

Rainy people wearing turbans have been witnessed sitting on tea stalls without any face masks (or) physical distance. However no lady has been witnessed on the way to Mangha.

Saadat Khan, 55, a native of Mangha, went on Umrah in Feb this yr.. He has been one such last teams to enter Saudi to do Umrah before the border closed because of the Coronavirus.

When Saadat Khan repatriated to Islamabad on Mar nine after spending 3 weeks in Saudi, regarding a dozen members of his own family (4) have been in the air port to greet him.

I’ve come to meet Saadat Khan’s son Nawaz Khan. Nawaz was racing his own pharmacy from his own dad’s demise.

Saadat Khan’s son Nawaz Khan stated he has been driving on the way back from that air port & his own dad has been sitting within the front seat with him.

‘My little nephew has been sitting on his own lap, my dad has been fine, he just had a slight fever & flu. However anybody who repatriates from Hajj (or) Umrah normally has these signs.

When he approached house, he has been greeted by remaining involving Saadat Khan’s spouse, daughters & granddaughters. Some days thereafter, within the joy of performing Umrah, Saat Khan provided a big feast for the needy & relatives in his own house, that has been participated by regarding a thousand citizens from Mangha & surrounding regions.

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