Shubharambh 9th January 2024 Episode Update: Raja & Rani Realizes

The keys are taken by Asha. Rani performs exactly the ritual and goes into the mandir.

Asha drops them and indicates the ho; utilize keys to Kirtida. She says you are able to pick up this. Kirtida attempts to shoot it is grabbed by Asha. She informs her that the time is shifting, I’ll take back my faith from you, I’m a girl.

The sneakers in Rani’s plate silently throw although Jharna and rani arrive at the storeroom to place the plates that are aarti. Dadi says this is a terrible omen sees it. The plate is brought by her and states these shoes dropped on the plate.

Once I wanted them in 24, raja states these shoes really are a fantastic omen and looks at the shoes, I got these shoes. Rani is astonished and says since they were significant for you that girl gave you these sneakers. Raja is shocked to understand that it had been Rani. Rani nods and yells. Dadi asks them to break along with to go. They leave. Raja smiles at Rani.

Hiten sees Kirtida wearing her jewelry and arrives at his room. Kirtida says that she could take them away so I’m taking them and visiting the house of my father. Hiten says do not worry. Kirtida states Asha has cash, she’ll request her rights. Hiten says Asha should have done some error, exploit it and we must find it.

Asha finds out the lottery information that says that the prize money has been contributed by the business. Asha says was it given by Rani’s brother Utsav to me personally?

Next scene,
Raja informs Rani you are that woman? Our story was being written by god. Rani says these were retained by you? I wished to fulfill with that woman personally, raja says, I wished to return it to you and you are my spouse, this is golden. He presents them. Darshna asks them to visit their room and comes there. They blush.

Asha matches Utsav and states you have the cash but did not give me personally it? You would like to deceive me? Bear in mind that your sister’s joy is connected to the cash. Rani and raja are choosing a trip and I’ve invested my money.

Utsav states give me. Asha says you’ve got time until tomorrow your sister will probably be from my property. Jharna believes what he’s doing here and sees them talking?

Raja comes to his room that is decorated and appears in the milk. Rani is in the bath. She states do I go like that facing Raja and wears the nightie? Raja is currently waiting for her outside.

Does Rani believe to really go out? Does Raja ask if she’s fine and yells? She says I’m coming. She comes out and wears the top. As she mesmerizes Raja Tera fitoor performs.

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