Tara From Satara 9th January 2024 Episode Update: Rudra Proposes Ananya

Ankit kidnaps Maya and sets her in the dickie of the car. His hands are kept by Rudra but walks off from that point. He then yells, reaches the rings and flat bells of Maya and pleads Maya to speak to him reminiscing Maya.

He believes he’s famous for her, remains begging. Ankit claims his talent is with him and calls MJ and he wished to present it. MJ thanks him and says he’s the true buddy of Rishi and inquires where to fulfill. Ankit says building site.

MJ advises Amir that work is finished.
Eunuch knocks the automobile door and asks him cash to be given by Ankit. Ankit yells to escape out. Eunuch leaves and curses him. Ankit drags Maya into a building website from automobile.

For Maya is always called by Rudra and cries to open up the door, he made an error. Was he hugging Maya, what should his girlfriend comes to understand about 18, Ananya inquires Rishi.

Rishi asks if he hugged her celebrity writer, what’s wrong. Rudra informs Ananya he wishes to speak with her walks into them and asks Rishi to depart.

Maya strikes Ankit with the spade and gets aware. Anit attempts to escape, but she proceeds to strike on him.

A shovel is held by him. Rudra is asked by Ananya. He goes together and pain is said by Rudra, talks, and states he’s in turmoil, he attempts support in her asks if she’ll marry him. She asks to quit joking.

He states that she is and that he needs him to stay the same. She states its own yes and hugs him and that he should not back off. He asks why he consented to marry her if she understands. She says she understands.

Snatches push her and shovel from Maya. She pleads for assistance and reminisces falling into a pit that is earlier. Eunuch reaches there producing eunuch sound that is odd. She is remembered by Ankit. All of them walk towards Ankit and eunuch’s buddies hit and assault him. MJ rides automobile towards calls and building website Ankit, but in vain.

Pleads eunuch to catch her from hugs and pit her/him closely. Ananya says she will cause him to husband content and left him her friend. He says that he wishes to tell her exactly what happened 10 decades back. She says she does not wish to understand. MJ gets out of the car and reaches the building site.

Maya has tensed hearing his nod. Ankit is called by MJ, however, his phone isn’t accessible. He sees eunuchs departure facing automobile and gets back to auto, but does not detect Maya between them.

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