Kumkum Bhagya 9th January 2024 Episode Update: Ranbir Arrested

The Episode begins with Prachi thinking to accuse her and crying from the area. Shahana and Sarita behen request the door to open. House is reached by Pragya and asks what happened? Shahana states Prachi shut the window and has secured herself. Pragya asks her to come outside, states why are you hiding from us.

We’re your loved ones and provides her vow to her. The door opens and yells. She says it wasn’t me. Pragya states these tears are currently which makes you weak. Prachi informs that everybody blamed me and saying bad words and claims that woman wasn’t me. Shahana says words that are poor were advised by them.

Pragya says whoever knows you, understands that you can not do this. She states if you return and says you’ll get powerful. Prachi says because their words pierce her heart, she won’t return. In the event that you do not go, they’ll think you’re wrong Pragya states.

She says in the event that you confront them, and go to school your facts is going to be proved. In the event that you do not need to go alone I will arrive with you she says. Shahana says I’ll break the public’s mouth. Pragya says we’re men and women that are dignified.

Sarita behen asks her to not leave school but after demonstrating her reality. Pragya says my daughter says and won’t conceal her face establish and go your truth. She asks her to proceed and says that my 20 years upbringing is about you.

Prachi says I prove them incorrect for my mom and shall fight. Pragya asks her to not shout. Prachi says she won’t cry.

Ranbir believes who could have left this movie, that, although somebody would like to spoil her picture? He remembers the words of Prachi a woman was wearing her clothing. He comes to school next day, his buddy asks him to not violate friendship tells they simply enjoyed the MMS, is he 38, even Prachi isn’t objecting.

He says it will be seen by him over and over. He is beaten by Ranbir. Prachi asks him to leave the man and comes there. He is left by Ranbir. Why did he overcome the man, Prachi inquires. Ranbir says I do not wish to speak to you. I called you, but you did not select my telephone.

He informs that he had been stressed. Prachi asks no one to be beaten by him and inquires if he’ll conquer everyone. Ranbir says that I will beat whoever talks poor. Prachi gets angry. She comes to the office of Principal. Where were you Principal asks? She did not come, although I phoned your mom.

Prachi informs that there’s a person and somebody else is here who attempts to save her picture. She says that I say he’s leaving the faculty and can not have the ability to stand equally. She moves and provides him a letter.

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