CBD Gummies: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

CBD has occupied a large portion of the supplement market for its multiple efficacies and health benefits. With time, more and more people are rushing to CBD products. These CBD supplements approach in various forms, from tablets to liquid shots, to oils. CBD products include gummies, edibles, vapes, tablets, and topicals. Among these products, gummy … Read more

How to Spray Hemp Flower with HHC Distillate

Hemp flower buds are the flowering top of the hemp plants. However, there is often confusion between hemp and cannabis flowers. The hemp flower can be recognized by its low level of THC (around <0.3%), unlike the cannabis flower. Still, the hemp flower provides therapeutic effects similar to the cannabis flower because they are rich … Read more

CBD on the Plate – What Do We Need to Know About It?

CBD is on the rise, and it is creating a real market. Recognized for its relaxing properties, it can now be found in many forms, particularly in food products such as chocolate, sparkling water, tea, or honey, to appeal to all consumers. Today, our experts will tell us more about this molecule, still surrounded by … Read more

4 Ways to Make Your CBD Oil Taste Unbelievably

According to research, there is almost 30% of the world’s population who suffer from chronic pain. Isn’t this shocking information? Chronic pain can come in many forms and it can appear in multiple ways. One thing is sure, if you’re experiencing chronic pain it means that your life is much harder and it’s complicated to … Read more

CBD Cream For Arthritis, Does It Work?

Having a healthy body free from aches is what almost every one of us desires. Therefore, for many decades medical practitioners and scientists have always insisted on the benefits of using natural ingredients over chemically manufactured therapeutic drugs. This is not to say that manufactured medications are harmful to your health. Overall there has been … Read more

Laws And Regulations You Need To Know Regarding CBD Oil Use In 2024

CBD oil has been rising in popularity over the last few years. Everyone seems to be catching on to how effective and beneficial CBD is for your health, and that’s a good thing. However, considering that we get the oil from the same plant that gives us THC-rich products, it is not always entirely clear … Read more