How to Spray Hemp Flower with HHC Distillate

Hemp flower buds are the flowering top of the hemp plants. However, there is often confusion between hemp and cannabis flowers. The hemp flower can be recognized by its low level of THC (around <0.3%), unlike the cannabis flower. Still, the hemp flower provides therapeutic effects similar to the cannabis flower because they are rich in CBD and CBG.

In this blog post, we will look at what sprayed flowers are and the production process of spraying hemp flowers with HHC Distillate. So, let’s get right in.

What Is A Sprayed Flower?


A sprayed flower is an enhanced flower that you can get through a simple process. This process could be performed at home with simple pieces of equipment. It gives hemp flowers a frosty look and boosts cannabinoid and other secondary compound levels. During this process, the flower forms the product’s base; then, it is dusted and coated with the kief and distillate, forming the top layer.

Factors To Consider Before Spraying A Hemp Flower



The legality of a hemp flower is important while spraying them. Sprayed hemp flowers can be legal when made with materials that are accepted legally for the process. Also, ensure that all materials are legal or you purchase from someone using legally accepted materials.

It is also important to note that the hemp plant will become illegal if its THC concentration level exceeds the legal limit. Thus, it is necessary that while spraying, the distillate doesn’t increase the hemp flower THC concentration above 0.2%.


Color is an essential factor that you should consider before spraying a hemp flower. This is mainly for aesthetics because a flower darkens after coating with the distillate. Hence, to avoid getting an undesirable colored flower after spraying, it would be best to start with a lighter green flower.

Flower’s Density

An important consideration to take note of before spraying your hemp flower is to ensure that the flower has dense buds. This will ensure that the buds do not break into smaller pieces during spraying.


The HHC distillate used for spraying hemp flowers can vary. It is vital to note that the choice should depend on the intended user, the industry of use, customer and local demographics, etc. In addition, the choice of distillate can range from distillate with a broad or full spectrum. Now, what’s the difference between a broad spectrum and full spectrum distillate.

A distillate with a broad spectrum is an oil extract from the cannabis plant with the exception of a specific cannabinoid such as THC based on the use of the extract. It is best to think of a broad spectrum distillate as a customized extract because it undergoes an extra refinement process to fit users’ needs.

In contrast, a full spectrum distillate is expected to have undergone less refinement. Yet, all full spectrum distillates must test <0.3% THC to remain federally legal. As a rule of thumb, it might help to know that the more processed cannabis is, the less its chemical spectrum is.


Keeping in check the kief color is essential. Thus, many people prefer using CBG kief instead of the CBD kief. Here’s because the cannabis crystal has a blonde color similar to the luminous resin of trichomes compared to the green color of its alternative. Additionally, the CBG kief ticks off the vital feature that ensures you do not breach the federally legal <0.3% level of THC.

On the other hand, the CBD kief puts you at the risk of exceeding the legal concentration level. Again, this is because kief that has been thoroughly screened will be purer and has more impact on the level of THC, unlike a less screened material which is bound to have more plant matter.


Terpenes are an addition that helps to add aroma to your hemp flower. It is usually to create a more desirable product and is wholly optional. Based on the market, adding it can be thought of as a negative or positive. Hence, note that you do not have to add it to your flower unless you want to.

There are different terpenes, and those produced with a higher quality process have a more preferred and in-demand aroma than those with lower quality. However, if you must use terpenes to enhance the aroma of your hemp flower, it is recommended to use hemp terpenes. Although, it costs more. Hemp flower users desire it.

Tools Needed For Spraying Hemp Flower


Spray Gun

Getting the correct spray gun type is vital before spraying your hemp flower with HHC. It would help if you got a spray gun that won’t clog with the viscosity of the HHC distillate. Also, it would be best to have a spray gun whose droplet size is fine enough to create an even texture on the hemp flower.

Rotating Mixer Or Tumbler

The priority feature of using either a rotating mixer or tumbler is that both provide motion. This will help coat the hemp flower with the distillate and kief evenly while spraying. There are several rotating mixers but ensure that whichever you choose has a gentle tumbling motion that helps to prevent the hemp flower from breaking into smaller pieces during the process.

How To Spray Hemp Flower With HHC Distillate


Trim The Flower

The first step in preparing your flower is to trim them and ensure that you remove as much stem as you can from the flower. This will save you from wasting your spray and kief.

Prepare The HHC Distillate

Distillate shouldn’t be too dense; it should be less viscous. Thus, it would help if you gave the distillate a shake to stir it up before you use it. However, if your distillate remains viscous, you can reduce its viscosity by adding terpenes.

Put Flower Into Rotating Mixer

The next step is to place your flower into the mixer to apply distillate. Again, you must use a slow tumbling speed to ensure that your flower does not break and the distillate applies evenly across the flower.

Apply HHC To Hemp Flower

Finally, spray the distillate evenly across the flower to ensure it is finely distributed.

Apply The Kief

Once the distillate has been added evenly, the last step is to spread the kief on the hemp flower evenly.

Once you have completed the procedures, allow your product to dry for about 5 to 7 hours before using it.


The steps for spraying a hemp flower with HHC distillate are relatively easy and can be done at home with the right tools. Still, you must keep to working ethics and avoid combustible materials.

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