Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th January 2024 Episode Update: Roshni Suspects Aliya

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th January 2024 Episode Written Update: Roshni Suspects Aliya.

The daily episode begins with rest being made by Aliya. He falls asleep. Roshni states I expect the antidote was also taken by Aman, where’s he and requires the antidote. Aliya states and smiles fate brought us together for its nighttime a reason, its me and you. She discovers him sleeping. Parveen comes.

The doorway opens. Parveen says I presumed the infant is crying. Aliya says no, the infant is sleeping. Parveen believes is Aliya alert if she drank water and sees that the water jug vacant. Aman says exactly what are you currently doing in Aliya’s room and wakes up. Roshni claims Aman did not come and wakes up.

Aman comes and says when did I fall asleep, that I do not understand. Roshni states Tabeezi said after taking the antidote we’ll get sleep, but where did you sleep soundly. Aliya says and comes this dropped down through the night from the pocket, I got this so that I thought that I must return it. Roshni goes and cries. Aliya smiles. Roshni is gone following by Aman.

Why would you lie and insult me, why did you visit Aliya’s room she asks. He states there is not anything between us, I moved to Aliya’s area, her correspondence that is threatening was sent by somebody, I talked to her, I dropped asleep. Roshni says you slept you are not a kid that was little, you moved there.

He states do not understand how I fell asleep. She says you moved with her into the place. He states trust me. If you chose that, you finished our confidence and did not finish the impact of toxin she says that you did not take the antidote, I’d have trusted you. Aman gets a signature and retains her.

She does not get hurt. He retains her and believes that the pain. He hugs and yells her. The signature is realized by Roshni. She states leave me, you did not take the antidote, leave me. He states I’m sorry. He begins bleeding. He is moved by her off and says you’re hurting yourself, please. He drops down. He says you have hurt, I’m sorry. Roshni cries.

She manages Aman. She says you think nothing occurred between Aliya and you. Aman says I do not recall anything, I fainted and only drank water, the fact will be found by me I will not let anything. That the letter is seen by her.

Tabeezi claims that the Sifriti will be understanding that the ring is absolutely free, its an opportunity. The hair of parveen begin trimming. Dadi enters her room and calls out her. Parveen states I’m going to the physician and feel sick. Dadi says I’ll come together. Parveen says I’m going. She belongs.

Baazigar is seen by Roshni and asks him not to shout, come back in 10 mins. He is freed by her. He flies and dances. Aliya gets milk for the infant. Dadi asks her to name them. Aliya says I did not get appropriate moment and the title. Dadi says infant is its moment that is right, with his loved ones. The courier is received by Roshni. She behaves and that I have pain in my hands. Dadi says I shall sign.

Aliya says I’ll do it, the infant appears happy with Dadi. She chooses and signals the parcel. The guy stops and says I wrote the wrong date. Pic of Aliya’s handwriting clicks and extends back again. She assesses the notice. She assesses the glass and belongs to Aliya’s space. She states it signifies Aliya did so using Aman and added something, I won’t leave. The snake is lying about. Aliya smiles.

Parveen goes to the home of Tabeezi. The bowl yells. She has stuck there. She says I believe I have trapped I do. Tabeezi is seen by her. Roshni states that I had a doubt before and goes I got the evidence, Aliya is following you, so she’s currently performing a play. He asks what play.

Aliya yells Aman….Everyone conducts. She says baby is not here, I understood I could get penalized, and whatever happened between us. Dadi asks what occurred. Where did my baby move aliya says we crossed all limits and did a sin.

Aman says nothing do not panic, I’ll call the investigator. Is Aliya appearing that 8, roshni believes? She moves to see. She yells to Aman. All of them get shocked.

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