Delhi Violence: Intelligence Bureau officer Ankit, 26, killed in mob attack in Delhi

An Intelligence Bureau (IB) officer has been murdered in Northeast Delhi on Tuesday, throughout the federal capital’s worst violence in the last two decades. When the entire body of Ankit Sharma was pulled from a drain in Chand Bagh the episode came to light on Wednesday.

Sharma worked in the IB as a collateral helper, ” said his brother Ankur. He returned at 4:30 pm Tuesday and went outside to observe that was occurring in the area when he had been captured by individuals who had been discriminated against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act or CAA, his brother included.

Sharma dumped and was stabbed in the drain, stated Ankur, adding that his buddies were captured by the protesters who travelled to rescue Ankit. The protesters ” said his brother and didn’t allow anybody to come near Ankit, kept shooting.

His dad Devendra Sharma is an Assistant Sub-Inspector with Delhi Police.

“This kind of tragic loss of life. The offenders should not be spared. 20 people have lost their lives. Painful to observe people of Delhi suffering.

Praying we recover from this catastrophe shortly n work together to reverse the damage done to individuals communities,” Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal stated on Twitter, condoling Sharma’s departure.

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