Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 28th January 2024 Episode Update: Abir Doubts Nannu

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 28th January 2024 Episode Written Update: Abir Doubts Nannu.

With Nannu requesting Abir to not grab Mishti the Episode begins, she’s his very best buddy, his fiancee. He inquires Mishti to not leave him. If you’re with me he says that I won’t leave you to enjoy Abir did, I won’t ever drink.

He drops down. Everybody cries and worries. They take Nannu into his room. Mishti says why did he do, he had been sober for ten decades. Jasmeet states and yells for you. Nannu is checked by the doctor.

Meenakshi and sitar play and can be relaxed. Abir proceeds for medicines. Nannu says I’m battling Mishti and gets up, I can not shed, my entire life is of my loved ones, this anxiety will go in a certain moment, I am needed by Mishti. He goes to modify.

He recalls meeting with Meenakshi. She gives, his clothing that he’s worn. She says I’ve put wine onto the clothing hit wills melt.

He states I’m a recovering addict, this odor of alcohol will… She says you’ve got to decide, what is your weakness, dependency or Mishti. FB ends. Nannu believes I need to win Mishti, I want her. He rests. The medications are got by abir. He believes when he had been unconscious when did his clothing alter. Kunal says do occur, Nannu feels helpless, we can not get him married to Mishti.

Kuhu says we do not require any tuition on union. Her stops. Mishti is said by kuhu, you did not consider Nanchak and moved to fulfill with Abir. Mishti asks Kunal to proceed and to shoot Abir. Abir says everybody is fearful, but… Jasmeet states Mishti is correct, simply go. Vishwamber who’s Abir to disrupt them is asked by her is he more imp than Nannu. She yells.

Rajshri states Nannu is your son in this home. Jasmeet says Nannu will wed since I m his mommy, I can not watch him you can see him busted, he’ll sink addiction if Mishti and he does not marry. Mishti says now union will occur, but can I speak to Abir. She belongs to Abir. She says we do not have time our reality has shifted. Why are you losing guts, he asks.

She says that I can pick loved ones or you. He states we shall elope and marry, they’ll forgive us. She asks what should Nannu relapse for me nobody could forgive us. Will you maintain him 9, he inquires. She says I was abandoned by you for Kunal, I must leave you for the interest of my family, now, you said I’m powerful, leave my hands else that I will not have the ability to go. He leaves her hands. Dheere…. .plays…

She says thank you taught me to take responsibility for my conclusion, I understood to appreciate, you taught me to enjoy love, thanks for loving me and giving me a fantastic romance, forgetting my guts, and decent bye Ajeeb Rajvansh. He says bye chorni that is mad and holds her hands, go. They shout. Dono ne ye taye kiya tha….plays….

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