Coronavirus in USA: C.D.C. Warns Coronavirus Outbreaks in the U.S.

C.D.C health officials warned on Tuesday, February 25, 2024 that the coronavirus will be more likely to spread in the United States, and that companies, hospitals, and schools should start preventive preparations.

“It is not really much question of if this will take place anymore but instead more of a matter of precisely when this will occur,” Dr. Nancy Messonnier, manager of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said in a news briefing.

She stated that towns and cities must aim for”social distancing measures,” like dividing college courses to smaller groups of pupils or closing schools entirely. Conventions and meetings might need to be canceled, she said. Firms should arrange to work at home.

“We’re asking the American people to work together to prepare, in the anticipation that this might be awful,” Dr. Messonnier explained.

After the news conference, stock markets plummeted for the day as investors switched into the protection of bonds and dumped stocks. The S&P 500 dropped by over 3%, after a 3.4 percent slip on Monday — the worst day to the American markets since February 2018.

Compared to his health officials, President Trump, travel in India, played down the danger, stating,”You might ask about the coronavirus, which can be well under control in our nation.”

“We have hardly any people with this, and also the folks who have it are, in most situations, I haven’t heard anything apart — that the individuals are getting better, they are all getting better”

The cruise boat overwhelmed from the coronavirus after it docked in Japan as of Tuesday, the USA has only 57 instances attached to the Diamond Princess. These patients have been in isolation from hospitals, and there are no indicators of transmission in communities that are Western.

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