Top 8 New TV Shows Students Should Watch

Whenever a new TV show appears on the media horizon, most college and school students are eager to embrace it and do their best to learn about the plot and the characters. It’s a mixture of the natural fascination with all the new things and the inspiration that becomes captured by the unknown.

As an educator or a parent, it is your responsibility to channel that genuine interest toward educational TV shows or those that work just like the famous TEDx videos that help you learn and become inspired. Depending on the age of a student, there are many options to consider as long as you explore things together and discuss them!

Top New TV Shows Students Should Watch

1. Community


It is one of the best shows for students who want to learn more about college life problems and the best ways to address them. It tells us about a group of students in the fictional Greendale somewhere in Colorado who pass through the usual things that we all know well like missed deadlines and cheating practices. Since it’s a comedy show, you will definitely enjoy it.

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2. Stranger Things

With a lot of famous actors Stranger Things will fall in love with everyone. Before you are ready to jump on the bandwagon and claim that this is ain’t new, let me tell you that this show is still running and explores the scientific side of life. As a college student, you will enjoy it as it’s a great stress relief method. It might not be suitable for younger students, so make sure that you are mature enough to watch it!

3. Keep This Between Us


This show might seem a bit disturbing to some people, yet it is still worth watching because it explores the dark sides that students often ignore. Some examples include grooming, harassment by the teachers, bullying, and the pressure that most students seem to silence inside. If you are in for a challenging show, it will be a good choice to consider. Shows like that exist to highlight the problems that still take place in the United States and beyond as we think back on our experiences.

4. Normal People

Not many TV series these days explore the fragility of adolescence in such a deep way as has been done by the creators of this Irish TV show. The British folks among our readers might have already seen it, yet for the rest of the world, it will be one of the TV shows to watch as it explores life in a very simple way, yet maintains so much emotion that you will feel like running out to hug your significant other. It is a great TV show for students because of its sincerity and the fact that it has been based on a successful novel.

5. We Are The Wave


It’s hard to believe that this new TV show has been based on a German novel that was written in 1981. The chances are high that you will understand most of it in terms of the events and the attitudes that are shown by the director. It’s a great show about getting mature and dealing with the challenges of life, first love, and the parents who always seem to know things better than you do!

If you belong to the younger students and don’t want to see all those adult shows due to age restrictions or strict parents, consider watching these new Tv shoes that are highly demanded among students and teenagers:

6. Riverdale

Is very popular in a range of 13-20 y.o. Based on the comics, it’s one of those shows that you might still be allowed to watch because it’s quite intense but does not have all these elements that your parents might find freaky. Anyway, if you’re not under 14, you will be quite well dealing with it because most young people these days already know enough about the things going on around them!

7. Julie and the Phantoms


You might have heard about it before, yet for most students, it’s still relatively new. If you would like to hear some great music and enjoy emotional honesty, it should be a great fit. It has been around on Netflix as of late and got a lot of positive reviews.

8. The Mysterious Benedict Society

It has premiered on the Disney+ channel and has been quite a hit among youngsters. It’s based on various fantasy books and can be a great way to relieve stress and start with an adventure. What makes it different compared to most shows for students is the positive message and sincerity that you won’t see in every story. It helps to boost your self-esteem and does not contain all these negative sides of life that most of us would like to skip at least once in a while. If you need something heartwarming, it should be your top choice!

Watching Various TV Shows Together Helps

It doesn’t matter what you are going to choose as long as you analyze what you have seen and become inspired. If you are a school or a college learner, you can host various TV show-watching parties together and discuss your favorite characters. It will help you to enjoy your video playlist even more. It’s also one of the best ways to discover new TV shows and find those old classics that always stir the mental strings of a person. Don’t limit yourself and make your studies and life more enjoyable and adventurous by watching the shows mentioned!