Nimki Vidhayak 18th January 2024 Update: Nimki Knows About Ganga

Nimki says we need to discover who’s the person? Ganga comes and states what could you find Nimki out? Nimki says you? Ganga says you are a stranger to me. You did a lot for me personally, so I’d help you. I must know your sister is in trouble.

Is Mauha? Nimki says she’s fine. Ganga states what happened? Nimki says she participates in a competition we found traffic women. Women are sold by them. What is said by ganga? You did not even inform me. I could do something. Nimki says you were worried.

Ganga says you left about not telling me, I stressed. You do not believe me? Anyhow is Mauha? Nimki says she’s angry. But she’s very courageous. Ganga says I’m glad she is fine. Who’s behind this? Were you told anything by Mauha? No matter electricity anyone is behind this, they’ll get behind the bars.

Nimki claims did not take the name of anyone. Ganga states do authorities doubt anything? Nimki states no. Ganga says they’ll find out do not worry. This individual should be supporting the bars. While I become the Union, I’ll find them all behind the bars. They’re the enemies of our society.

Ganga gets a telephone. She says I must go. Have to satisfy the minister. Ganga states why not come? Nimki states no I’ll remain with Mauha. Ganga states you ought to remain with Mauha. She wants you. If you locate any information Inform me. Ganga leaves.

Mauha says you are not going for me? Please proceed. I would like you to become a ministry and to be in this assembly and receive the ministry. Nimki states when did you turn into this wise? Mauha says I’m your sister after all. Nimki says be somewhat dumb after all.

Mintu states are Mauha and calls Nimki? Nimki says she has find. Is dadi? Mintu says she’s coming back. For me, she’s consented to reside with Annaro. Nimki says so dadi and you will live Annaro will be brought by me here. I really don’t need to bother you. He states are you? Nimki says I’m fine why? is said by him.

Mintu claims see exactly what I got? Does she state Dablo ji? Mintu states no I attracted samosas. So I wish to keep her happy, She’ll be moving. Rekha states is she dying? Mintu states no, she will be taken by Nimki. So that I will reside in that house, Rekha says? Wow. I waited patiently for this day.

In the event that you make me minister I’ll bring investment from across the boundaries an MLA says. I’ve spoken to individuals. They are prepared to make investments. My head hurts although ganga says I’m listening.

I will provide this particular minister to you. Still another says please write my own name. Ganga states okay. Leave today. Why are not you taking any medications nimki states? I understand a remedy. Mishra comes. He states what’s she doing here? Ganga states did you talk to Doobahy ji? Mishra says.

Ganga gets a telephone. Mishra is said to by Nimki are you currently becoming old? He states did you call me old? Nimki says you seem just 62. He coughs. Nimki remembers exactly the cough that is exact same was heard by her. In the center is that he included nimki states?

Everything has busted. Mintu says exactly occurred and hugs her? Ananro says proceed from here.

Ganga claims to Shukla. If one of us drops, he states, other would fall in the sand. So we’ll have an equal reduction, we had an equal gain in the company. You can not blame everything on me. Ganga states you keep your eye.

We are partners, although We’re from different parties. How would anybody know? Nimki comes there. Nimki is said by ganga? You? Nimki says I needed to tell something to you. It is something. I didn’t need to talk about it downstairs. Nimki says, Mishra.

Ganga states what did he perform? Nimki hears the alarm clock of Ganga. Nimki discovered it on the telephone. She’s shocked. Nimki states Mishra is doubted by me. He can visit the party. Ganga states that won’t ever happen. I know him. He’s faithful to me. He’ll do what I request. Do not worry. Niki leaves.

Mauha is run following by tune. Sweeti says what occurred. Tune says I stated you’ve come to be fairly. Muaha says I stated I answered when I came nearer you seem funny. By coming 7, I made a mistake. Tune states listen.

Abhi says she seems great grinning. Nimki it happened for you. Nimki was assisted by you. Abhi says of the credit goes to Nimki. Mauha says she’s what and parents. I am quite blessed. Abhi states where’s Nimki? Sweeti says she moved Ganga, to her genius.

Tune states is she the genius of Nimki? I was never told by her. Nimki comes from shock. Tune states what happened? You seem stressed. Nimki remembers the cough along with the bell.

Does Abhi say what occurred? Nimki says I must understand who’s behind this particular gang. Abhi says that? Ganga is said by Nimki. Everybody is shocked.

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