Telangana HC lashes out Govt for Non Compliance of Orders

Hyderabad(Hyd): The Telangana (TL) High Court today expressed its anger over the orders of the director of the public health to block the carry out of Coronavirus checking.

Expressing its surprise over the call of the director, a division bench of the High Court(H.C) has stated that the orders have been over the instructions of ICMR.

The High Court has also expressed its anger over the non implementation of its orders on the declare of daily health bulletins. It stated that the orders of the High Court to contain the ward wise information of the sufferers weren’t complied with by this state govt till now.

It inquired the state govt to submit the confinement zone policy of the state govt apart from offering the information of the tests held during this last 20 days.

And also inquired the state govt to submit the information of the findings made during this check of the central tandem before Jul 17 of this mo awhile caveat that it’d summon the chief secretary of the state, principal secretaries of health, municipal administration & urban development (devt) dept. of the state in case the state govt failed to execute its orders.