Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 16th January 2024 Episode Update: Chalu’s Master Plan

The confession of lovleen recording Kulfi warns her staff along with Chalu that they will be from the home. Chalu snatches run off and recorder. When an inspector enters and they jump on each other for recorder lovleen along with her puppets run behind her and choosing recorder claims evidence is in her hands.

Lovleen says it’s the confession of Kulfi. If she’s suitable, the inspector inquires Beauty. Chalu informs Mantar and Jantar that Agency is the comparative of Lovleen. Amyra yells at Kulfi she wishes to fulfill dadda, but Dadda can’t even talk or move in any way, and she’s also unable to satisfy her dadda, etc.. Inspector asks if their play is finished them to depart.

Kulfi yells where will they move through the pleads time and night to allow them to remain till dawn. Inspector permits. Why did she do this lovleen inquires? Inspector says let it be.

Chalu asks Kulfi she is naive and blurted everything out, she must flex her hands, if she would like to locate her dad, else with hands that are direct, she’ll not receive anything. Kulfi yells she does not understand how to. Chalu asks her to go and find the help of Tauji.

Kulfi pleads him to inform when he loves her where baba is and walks into Tauji. He says that he loves her a great deal but is helpless, so believing if he shows where Sikandar is his wife will be killed by Lovleen. He provides a clue that there is a rat currently hiding to do it would be to disperse the smoke.

Kulfi yields to Chalu who inquires where Sikandar is if Tauji advised. Kulfi says no, but he blabber words there is a rat hiding in his area and the only means would be to disperse smoke. Chalu states Tauji places fire that is fake round the home at night and gave a clue. Beauty wakes up smelling smoke runs yelling fire and feeling warm.

Her team and lovleen collect out panicking. Kulfi asks Lovleen to get her baba out and rescue his life. Amayra insists Lolveen to get out Dadda. If she won’t rescue her daughter’s dad, chalu inquires.

Lovleen opens cabinet where she’s concealed Sikandar at a cottage and walks towards space. Walks and walls aren’t currently blackening and recognizing its a smoke that is bogus alarms Lovleen. Lovleen yells and yields in Chalu and Kulfi.

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