HC Asks Govt to Have Clear Stand on Online Classes by Schools

Hyderabad(Hyd): The Hyderabad(Hyd) educational institution parents Association (HSPA) has reached the High Court of the state over the collection of fee by private & corporate educational institutions of the state within the name of the carry out of on-line lessons.

In their own petition, the parents have informed the HC that the Mgmt of the educational institutions have been sending them personal messages & creating personal calls insisting them to pay fee for buy of books & admission fee even though that they weren’t permitted to accomplish so because of the ongoing lock-down.

The parents gave also informed the High Court that the educational institution managements have been collecting fee in evident violation of GO No.46 released by this state govt.

The parents have enclosed the messages sent by this educational institution managements & voice calls made by them insisting fee as proof with their own petitions. Responding on the problem, the Court inquired the state govt in case it’d released any notice on the carry out of the on-line lessons.

It reminded the state govt that Punjab(PB) & Haryana(HR) govts had already banned the on-line lessons apart from issuing orders to the private educational institutions of the 2 states to not enforce the parents to pay the fee.

The advocate Gen. of the state informed the Court that the dist. education officials have been passing through the cases made by these parents.