Congress demands probe into deaths at Chest Hospital

Hyderabad(Hyd): Previous Minister & ex-Leader of Opposition in Telangana (TL) Legislative Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir insisted a top level probe into the demises of 2 sufferers who have been reportedly refused oxygen & ventilator help in Chest Hospital (3).

Shabbir Ali, in a media announcement on Tue., stated that both the sufferers have reported selfie video clips clarifying their own health condition awhile alleging that they have been being ignored by this hospital (3)’s officials.

“The sufferers looked fully conscious & concerned in both the video clips though they have been reported some hours (or) minutes before their own demises. They exposed the poverty-stricken medication facilities in the Chest Hospital (3) & negligent attitude of the govt,” he stated.

The Congress leader stated in place of ordering a probe into the allegations, Health Minister Eatala Rajender hasn’t only given clean chit to the hospital (3) officials, however identified error with the sufferers who complained of carelessness that thereafter led to their own demises.

“Minister Rajender shouldn’t behave in such an insensitive & inhuman way. Why would a patient in crucial condition make false allegations over the hospital (3) officials?” he inquired.

Shabbir Ali charged the Health Minister of misusing the medical terminology to mislead the citizens of Telangana (TL). He stated “Etala Rajender, awhile solving a press conference on Mon., said that the patient passed away of cardiac detain & not because of lack of oxygen therapy.”

He inquired that in case the Minister accomplish a simple Google search to locate out the factors that result in cardiac detain.

“In Sep previous year, Minister Rajender attempted to alter the definition of dengue & named it ‘non-viral fever’ just to suppress the reality of hundreds of demises within the state. This time, he’s trying to twist medical terms to suppress corona-related demises & instances. He must be ashamed of himself for displaying such an COVID-19 attitude,” he stated.

He has been quick to bring up the fate of reporter Manoj Kumar, who passed away of the infection & complained of medical carelessness in Gandhi Hospital (3). His own relatives afterwards registered a police case in this context.

The Congress leader insisted that a top level independent probe by a medical tandem be instructed into both the demises. He stated that the selfie video clips of both the sufferers must be handled as a ‘Dying Declaration’ & those accountable for their own demises must be severely punished.

“TRS chiefs have crossed all limits within the arrogance of power & today they’re not granting any importance to even person lives. For them, demises & instances because of COVID-19 (or) different diseases are just numbers that they’re manipulating in their own going to.

Etala Rajender must resign from his own post on moral grounds in case he’s any humanity left (or) at the least, he must refrain from attributing motives to the citizens who’re complaining of carelessness & lack of facilities.

CM K. Chandrashekhar Rao & his own ministers got (1) addicted to the bad habit of self-praise. They 1st want to gain de-addicted in case they actually need to service the citizens,” he advised.

Shabbir Ali stated that the Congress party would explore all legal means to seek justice for all these sufferers who passed away because of carelessness by TRS Govt.