TDP, YSRCP trade anti-dalit accusations in Andhra Pradesh

Amaravati, September 11 : Chiefs from opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) & ruling YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) have charged every different of being anti-dalit, within the light of several atrocities over dalits within the state.

TDP supremo, Chandrababu Naidu, named for unity amongst dalit organisations & opposition parties to fight back over the atrocities occurring within the govt lead by Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy.

“YSRCP govt is anti-dalit & AP citizens are suffering within the command of an anti-dalit CM. Although countless atrocities were occurring in each nook & corner of the state in the last 15 mos, the CM is keeping an enigmatic silence without opening his own mouth to condemn the incidents,” claimed Naidu.

He also stated that Reddy’s silence is emboldening miscreants to focus dalits, claiming that the oppressed sections enjoyed rights & liberties within the TDP regime.

“Why the Jagan Reddy regime is keeping an uncommon silence on the evil crimes like the gang rape of a 16-year-old dalit lady by 12 members in Rajahmundry. Nobody is detained till date. Besides, the lady’s parents have been threatened not to open their own mouths,” stated the Sr. TDP politician who provided as the CM of this southern state for 14 yrs..

Naidu recalled a bunch of different atrocities over dalits in the last quite a few mos, like the burning down of a dalit lady’s house in Krishna dist.’s Mudinepalli, show of skirmishes involving Vishakhapatnam dalit doctor Sudhakar, doctor Anita Rani complaint, demise of a planned caste teenager for not wearing a mask in Chirala & remaining.

In the context of TDP’s ‘Dalita Sankaravam’, a program aimed in expanding solidarity to dalits & rising a voice on their own behalf, Naidu named for a ‘Dalit Lives Issue’ agitation, taking inspiration from that American ‘Black Lives Issue’ demonstrations.

“Dalits Lives Issue’ agitation must be run relentlessly to bring the Jagan Reddy’s regime to its knees. The fight must be taken to Delhi(DL) where cases must be given to the Constitutional heads,” Naidu asserted.

Meantime, ruling YSRCP MLA Merugu Nagurjuna spewed retaliatory fire on Naidu, & named his own an anti-dalit leader.

“What’s the want for your ‘Dalita Sankaravam’. You’ve a imagined procedure that states that nobody must be born in dalit families. You stated being born as a dalit is a curse. You think dalits shouldn’t enhance, they shouldn’t move about,” claimed Nagarjuna over Naidu.

He challenged Naidu for a discussion anywhere within the state on the atrocities dedicated over dalits.

In his own rebuttal, the dalit leader questioned the usefulness of Naidu, comparing him to the Y. S. Rajasehkar Reddy’s family (4) & calling the latter a dalit winner.

“When Naidu has been in power, he humiliated dalits & when he’s out of power, he’s shedding crocodile tears,” said Nagarjuna.