Piranha and African Magur: How are these banned ‘giant’ fishes coming to Bangladesh?

Though these 2 fishes have been banned in Bangladesh some yrs. back, piranha fish is being sold within the name of Rupchandra awhile small size banned African magur fish is being sold as desi magur.

Therefore, the mobile court sentenced five citizens to various terms of imprisonment for deceiving the buyers. 2 of these fish were banned for some of the special reason.

Piranha fish look a lot like Rupchanda fish. Although, its body colour is slightly reddish & gray.

The main feature of this fish is its small powerful jaw. The trident-like teeth on its 2 sides are so sharp that it could tear the sufferer’s body in an instant.

African catfish, on the different hand, look a lot like local catfish however are much larger in size. Being omnivorous, this fish grows quite fast.

A mature African catfish could grow as many as four ft long. Weight could be like 15/16 kg.

Piranha fish species could range in length from six inches to 1 foot & even 1 & a half ft.

These 2 fish are named giant fish.

Talking to Yahya Mahmud, director gen. of the Bangladesh Fisheries Study Institute, it has been learnt that both piranha & African catfish are freshwater carnivorous fish.

Piranhas are most usually identified in tropical river basins, canals, lakes, specially in shallow water bodies within the tropics of South America, North America & even Africa.

Piranha fish could live as many as 8-10 yrs. in a favorable environment.

African catfish are identified mostly in small & huge water bodies across the globe.

African catfish could live comfortably in extremely dirty water, even in sewers, sewage reservoirs, fighting any hostile environment.

These 2 types move in teams & attack prey together.

Wherever they live, they could devour small & big fish, fish eggs, fry along with different aquatic animals in a issue of moments.

In case the piranha fish is farmed in a confined region & in case a human falls there, the piranha could swarm & devour the residing human in an instant.

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