Nirbhaya Convict, Mukesh Kumar Files Petition In Apex Court Against Mercy Plea Rejection

New Delhi: Among those four death row convicts from the Nirbhaya rape case, Mukesh Kumar Singh, on Saturday challenged the refusal of his god request from the President from the Supreme Court, also sought dismissal of this death warrant scheduled to be completed on February 1.

“A request was filed under Article 32 for judicial review of this way of rejection of this winner request concerning the conclusion of Supreme Court at Shatrughan Chauhan instance,” Mukesh Singh’s attorney Vrinda Grover explained.

Vinay Sharma Mukesh Singh, Akshay Singh and Pawan Gupta – that the death row convicts- are one of the six guys who murdered a Delhi pupil and gang-raped.

One guy was found hanging in his jail cell and the first time, only short at the moment, the most adorable, was discharged after three years at a reform house.

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