Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 24th January 2024 Episode Update: Kajal’s Master Plan

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 24th January 2024 Episode Written Update: Kajal’s Master Plan;

Kajal asks her problem to be solved by Rochak. Rochak says he’s a strategy, mind here and she must behave as a fantastic woman.

Kajal says after she increases the assurance of mamma, she is able to convince her to let her turn into the dance partner of Anshuman and after winning the dance contest will wed Anshuman.

Rochak says her thought is great. Kajal and he excitedly hug. He believes he won’t mind if Kajal marries Anshuman and will follow with his friendship and reciprocates.

Anshuman is waited for by Sonia with Tanya. Anshuman says he’s going for dancing rehearsal and greets bye her. Where Manu Bhargav is guest, Sonia says that he understands that her dad is one of guy and has coordinated a cultural event. Anshuman says that he understands what Sonia may hire Manu Bhargav as a guest and is up to he’s wealthy.

Rochak asks her to come together and walks into Kajal. Sunehri says somebody is coming to watch Kajal. Rochak says he makes her look beautiful and will take Kajal. Rashmi says Anshuman is correct, parlor people’s makeup is excellent.

Rochak is walked across by kajal. Rochak asks her to go and fulfill Anshuman. Kajal leaves. Kajal and Anshuman meet. They slip and dropdown.

Anshuman makes dance step walks and performs. Kajal asks next year if they could take part in the contest. Music CDs angrily throw and inquires if she’s gone insane is she talking nonsense.

Rochak tells her that Kajal is at the beauty parlor and yields to the home of Rashmi. He indicates her to allow Kajal to attain success in life and finish her research she can get her married.

Sunehri begins yelling that he has to be encouraging Kajal to he/she needs to have. Anshuman states that he came here to talk to his aunty and warns her to obey her tongue, but it will not occur until Sunehri is still here.

He leaves and says he’ll bring Kajal back. Rashmi believes prevent her and she wants to have Kajal married Manu Bhargav.

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