Arvind Kejriwal Says, “BJP Supporters Are Like A Family”

Delhi Assembly Election: Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal & Amit Shah confronted on social media platform on Friday(24, Jan 2024) following the senior BJP leader criticized his govt’s claims on free Wi-Fi services and the installation & implementation of CCTV cameras in schools.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal hit at Union Home Minister Amit Shah for its 2nd straight day, now within the BJP leader’s trip. Mr. Shah had tweeted of him having lunch after finishing his campaigning election photographs.

Addressing Mr. Shah as “Sir”, the AAP leader, at a string of tweets, accused the BJP pioneer of thinking of his own assistants ahead of this election while the Aam Aadmi Party, he said, believes the people of Delhi as”household” and maintained he had cared for these”within an elder son”.

“Sir, you recalled him in the time of the election. We are like a family of two people in Delhi. In five decades, we’ve shifted Delhi collectively, “he explained re-tweeting Amit Shah’s post.

His party fans who took good care of the kids’ schooling at the time of inflation must be asked by Mr. Shah, he said in another article.

“You should ask BJP fans, who took good care of the kids’ schooling for five decades, who supplied 24 hours of power to them, whenever you’ve caused so much inflation, that are people who made power, a bus traveling free for them. All of these are people of my loved ones, I’ve cared for these as an elder son,” Mr. Kejriwal tweeted in Hindi.


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