Choti Sardarni 27th December 2019 Update: Harleen & Sarab to Divide Everything

Where is everybody sarab claims to Meher? Meher says I do not believe Harleen would come for breakfast. Sarab says she’ll come for certain. She may be mad at me but we eat breakfast. He states momsi, Harleen di.

Dolly comes. Harleen functions using a bag although well. She states Rovi attracts the bag of Khushi and your. Sarab states where are you moving? Harleen states that you don’t care. Meher says it is not like this. Harleen says I’m talking to my brother. Not certain if he is currently.

Dolly says what exactly are you. Harleen says I do not believe I need to live at a location where I don’t have any respect. Sarab states you know I admire you the most. We only talked and of this was mentioned by you? Harleen says I do not need to live here.

Sarab says I’ll leave this home and you remain here. Dolly says shut up no one. Don’t you need to speak to one another? Nobody will speak about leaving home. Everything divides if one another can not stand. What is said by sarab? Harleen says I’m fine with it. Sarab is shocked.

Sarab states what exactly are you saying? Harleen split this everything and says I would leave. Sarab states you believe anything would split? Everything I have is yours. Harleen says closed up. She states so that I can eliminate this Momsi get me. Sarab says alright, title what things.

Give it to her. Rovi says it will not be simple. We’ll need to perform the auction. Dolly states are you from your mind? Meher claims to Harleen please do not break this home to defeat me. Harleen leaves. Meher is in tears.

Things in anger break. He states take everything. Let her perform this branch. Their own photo is looked at by sarab. He states let me split. How can this picture divide? He yells. Meher says give her time, she’ll understand. When she desires branch sarab says, I’ll give her what she desires.

I would need my sister. Meher says please be courageous. Give me time. Sarab says she will not agree. Meher says it is an emotional choice. Where would everybody live? Sarab says she will get. Would she have you meher states?

Harleen is said to by rovi. You are doing what’s right. You are never alone. I am with you. He hugs her. Harleen is in tears. She is looked at by sarab. They remember their youth. The tune naina plays. Sarab remembers them taking care of one another. Everything is recalled by harleen. Sarab is in tears. Meher yells.

Jagga Sarab is said to by kulwant and Harleen is currently combating. They’ll perform the divison. Everything ought to split if it can’t be handled by them. I may not be here. In my own life, I’ll split everything involving you siblings. She states that this is yours and provides papers.

She states Bitu that is exactly what you wanted? Jagga says will not you maintain anything? Kulwant says will not you give a location in your property to this girl? Jagga states what exactly are you saying? Where is my component yuvi states? Kulwant says that I was testing them and yells. Everything is mine and yours.

Sarab is said by rovi, the voucher newspapers are prepared. Now, we need to perform the auction. He states Harleen come. Tarkash states them prevent. If such siblings wish to divide what could I do meher says? Let it happen.

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