Yeh Teri Galiyan 27th December 2019 Update: Shekhawat Locks Krishi

Asmita states do you feel Mamo? Mamo says. And you also made soup that was great. Mamo says I had been rude to you. Do you do this? Asmita says I visit a mom in you. I lost my mother. I can not remain out of her, While I see motherhood in almost any girl. It’s my obligation. Allow me to know if you require anything.

Mamo says she is wonderful. I really don’t understand how she fell for Vicky? I hope she does not get snare in the web site of Vicky. I can not even tell her Vicky is. I hope someone comes and saves him.

Shan informs a story to the children. Nirvan says I must visit the toilet. Why do you want to visit the restroom once we are analyzing shan states? Akkira falls from the staircase. She is held by shan. She imagines them dance on hui. Shan states what happened? She says nothing.

He states are you really okay? Akkira states. He says be careful. I can not spare you each moment. Shan says children, it is time to play. The children run. He is looked at by akkira. Akkira says what’s wrong with me? Can I adore?

The children are playing seek and hide. Krishi hides in a space. She states this looks like a spot that is ideal to conceal. Nirvan arrives to search for her. Krishi hides in a cupboard. She says so that I will remain here for long, there are snacks here.

Shekhawat says you’d remain there and locks the cupboard. Bye bye. From becoming one, Nobody will prevent me and Asmita. You won’t come between us.

Krishi attempts to open the doorway. She states take out me. Who’s here? Can it lock? Krishi is looked for by asmita. Nirvan says she can’t be found by me. I looked. Krishi states please catch me. Krishi is looked for by asmita. Krishi is suffocating. Krishi is looked for by asmita .

Shekhwat states what occurred and comes? Asmita says Krishi can’t be found by me. Shekhwat says that they have to be playing. She’s safe here do not worry. Nirvan played hide and seek he is currently making she is found by you. Asmita says, they are playing.

I know she’s safe. Shekhwat says come I must show you my workplace celebration program. Asmita out there is taken by him. Krishi is fainting inside.

Nirvan claims to Shan Krishi can’t be found by me. She is. Krishi is looked for by shan. He states that the game is finished. Come Krishi out. Shan runs upstairs. Shan comes to this area. Papa is said by krishi. Shan is beyond the cupboard. Papa is said by krishi.

She faints. Something is heard by shan. Her breathing is heard by him . Krishi is said by shan, nothing could happen. I can open the cupboard. He attempts to open the cupboard. Krishi is fainted inside Shan screams. He states nothing could occur and chooses Krishi. I’m here.

Akira states what occurred and comes? Shan says papa is here and hugs her. Nothing could happen. Her eyes open. She says I hid indoors. I was secured by someone. Akira states Sarpal? He states that these are like my children. Krishi is picked by shan. In haert something isn’t right, he states. Where’s Asmita? SHe wasn’t this disgusting about children.

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