Beirut relief efforts: Local hair salon owner starts fundraiser

Beirut: In his own measures to support citizens affected by this Beirut blasts, Beirut’s regional hair salon boss initiated a fundraiser, joining a growing list of regional companies supporting relief measures. Daniel Bechara, a hairstylist, initiated a fundraiser on the website GoFundMe, to rise $50,000. Till now, over $7,000 was netted in 6 days.

“Aug 4, 2024, has been a day that shattered my heart, the hearts of my fellow Lebanese citizens, & the rest of the globe,” Bechara wrote on the fundraiser’s page. “Lebanon has experienced dark times, however nothing as devastating as the impacts of COVID-19 succeeded by the massive explosion.”

Bechara wrote that he shifted to the United States of America in 1985 & was offering help to his own family (4) & parents in Lebanon, as the nation grapples with economic turmoil.

Bechara stated he schedules to head return to Lebanon in early Sep to repair houses with the help of the mayor of Dekwaneh, a suburb near Beirut.

The Beirut explosion, that took place on Aug 4, died over 200 citizens & left over 6,000 wounds. Up to 300,000 citizens have been rendered homeles