Muskaan 27th December 2019 Update: Muskaan is Threatened

The Episode begins with Sir ji welcoming Muskaan. He states I understood you will return. She asks what exactly do you desire. He states Ronak’s love the conclusion of your, I need to ruin you, you need to make him confident you don’t love him he will come here and get killed by me, then what.

She is threatened by him. If I do not hear Sir ji she believes, Roshni will return. She thinks compared to concur, I can not do anything. He belongs. Khushi reveals toys and the room. The past is recalled by roshni. Khushi is taken by nisha. Sir ji is called by roshni and states I’ve come here on your expression, there’s toys and a room.

Sir ji asks her to do as he says. The toys throw. Gayatri says he’ll come to destroy uswe need to do some thing. Ronak says Muskaan can’t be lost by me. Khushi crying is heard by them. They move to see. The goys throw. Khushi states Roshni, do not do so.

Ronak asks what occurred. Roshni and khushi complain. He states my grandma never lies, I understand even never lies, I’ve an idea, Khushi will remain here in my area. He requests the space to be given by Khushi . Khushi states. Them both pacifie. He sends Khushi with Nisha.

Ronak says time will reveal how much I adore you, do not become Dadi Amma, your Badi Maa is there, in decorating the space, are you going to assist me. Roshni nods. Roshni is missed by muskaan. She says that I wish you remain nice, Sir ji should reach you. Ronak gets prepared.

He states I’m taking Khushi are you going to come together. I come roshni inquires, you throw me and will take me. He makes sad. Nisha says I shall come. Ronak requires Nisha and Khushi.

Muskaan is met by ronak. Muskaan is greeted by khushi. Muskaan stops. He states come home I m incomplete. Muskaan asks him to consider Khushi. He says you did not believe what I’m going through. She states we’ve got to consider our allies’ future.

She asks is Roshni. Nisha says she’s fine. Muskaan says that which will acquire nice with time. Nisha believes what happened to Muskaan, I must find out the thing is Muskaan.

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