Beyhadh 2 26th December 2019 Update: Maya Warns Rudra

Maya asks Rudra why is he becoming angry and whom he’s difficulty together; Maya, Rajiv, or MJ. Rudra walks off by Ananya. Rajiv says that he enjoys the wow factor when he’s mad of Maya. Rajiv goes for job interview and can be offered 75000 wages. He storms out saying he spends more than that at cafeteria, walks into his car believing he must do this all for Maya, and takes his buddy.

Rudra calls Maya’s mom and says he’s angry on him and attempts help to calm her down. Mother says when he permits she’ll come there with lunch. He agrees. Mother walks in using bodyguard. Rudra inquires is she Maya bitter and so sweet. Mother says Maya was not like this and her altered. He asks what did she deliver.

She informs menu for Maya and him and asks bodyguard to maintain tiffins dining room. Rudra states that he will have it and requires his tiffin.

Rishi from restaurant calls for Maya and invites her for lunch. Maya says that she doesn’t have food before he begins making and becomes more self-sufficient. Rishi says he’s two job interviews lined up and won’t have food when he’s hungry and disconnects call.

His friend suggests him to break up with his woman as she’s too commanding, but Rishi does not agree. Antara prepares custard to get MJ. Diya tastes it warrants she prepares MJ’s favourite custard perfectly now. Antara functions it to MJ. Rishi walks into MJ and states that he needs to at least match mother.

MJ inquires that woman rejected him. He inquires if women talk what they do. MJ says that’s the specialization of women and they restrain boys in this manner. Antara says if women fall in love, they’ll do anything boy states.

Rishi reminisces Maya words she doesn’t have food before he begins earning and walks off keeping custard bowl. MJ states Rishi’s girlfriend chapter isn’t yet shut yet, so he wants to learn exactly what’s happening.

Maya’s mother serves lunch on two tables and visiting Rudra talking to customer asks when he has lots of contacts. He states he’s working since 8 decades and before that was in US, therefore he’s important contacts. She asks if he will figure out about her husband and son at US and writes his or her amount.

Maya snatches and tears newspapers and stopping Rudra from getting food requires him into a room and begins a heated debate. Mother, Ananya, and Rajiv see from glass wall. Ananya says she’ll check and go. Mother says she should not be kabab me haddi.

Maya warns Rudra to keep away from her private life and her mom. Rudra agrees. Maya asks mother to appear. Mother says that she may eliminate job. Maya chooses along and insists.

Ananya takes asks and food Rudra to possess something, but he simplifies working. Sauce onto her dress drops. Rudra sees newspapers and bends down. She asks what’s he doing. He states trying to learn Maya’s key. She informs him about the warning of Maya. He asks her to go and wash her dress and a few is noted by linking papers.

MJ informs Diya they will need to do something. Diya says that he must poison and kill with him is like dying everyday living, therefore better he kill her. He says anything happened shouldn’t occur She guarantees.

Maya walks towards her car and is going to sit she recalls something and requesting Rajiv to fall her mum home walks back into Rudra’s workplace where Rudra dials amount where a recorded voice says he’s Manas and also to leave him a message. Maya reproduces and falls in.

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