Barrister Babu 19th August 2024 Written Update: Mini’s 10 days challenge to throw Bondita out from Roy house!

Today’s daily episode begins with Bondita requesting Trilochan why he sends Mini house as she taken the responsibility of teaching home work (5). Trilochan requests Bondita, accomplish none different than Mini could teach her? He states to her that he’ll teach her home work (5) & going to make a great housewife.

Trilochan states to Bondita that a great housewife could achieve anything within the globe. He imparts her spatula & requests her to keep it safe because shortly he’ll teach her home work (5).

Furthermore, Anirudh comes & states to Bondita that he took something for her. Bondita gets excited. He gifts her chalk & slate & informs to Bondita the importance of education.

Bondita sees Trilochan & Trilochan signals Bondita to say no to Anirudh. Bondita informs to Anirudh that Trilochan states becoming a great housewife is important. Anirudh states to Bondita education is extra important.

Ahead, Anirudh & Trilochan have a word of war on what must Bondita choose amidst education & learning home work (5). Bondita stands confused. Trilochan requests Bondita to gear as many as learn home work (5).

Anirudh requests Bondita to gain prepared to take (2) an education. Bondita requests Goddess Durga to support her to choose between the 2.

There, Mini recalls Trilochan’s word & gets angry. She imagines none could snatch Anirudh from her. Within the in the morning, Saurabh sees Anirudh sleeping & organises his own bookshelf. He sees sex education book & imagines with the support of this he could make Sampoorna learn just how lady gets carrying.

Anirudh wakes up & requests Saurabh in case he too have an concern in reading book than he could take (2). Saurabh states no & tries to conceal the book. Anirudh requests Saurabh to show him that book he’s hiding. He sees the book & states why he’s hesitating in speaking regarding sex education.

He states sex education must be taught as a lesson within the educational institution as it’s important. He requests Saurabh to take (2) the book.

Meantime, Mini shares her upcoming schedule to Binoy & states we potrayed Bondita weak ahead of Anirudh therefore he begins sympathizing with her. However as of now they’ll show naughty side of Bondita so that Anirudh throws her out.

He requests Binoy to accomplish the preparation of her & Anirudh’s wedding in 10 days.

There, Trilochan wakes up Bondita & requests her to gain prepared shortly as from today he’ll teach her 1st lesson of home work (5). (Daily episode Ends)

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