Kumkum Bhagya 5th September 2024 Episode Written Update

Ranbir Looking In Prachi’s Pic In His own Mobile & States I Am Just Yours & You Are Mine, I Really know You Have Not Agreed on Me, However, I Love You Truly.

You Stays In My Heart, You Going to Gain Out From Here When My Soul Going to Come Out Of My Body.

The Prachi States My Heart Beats For You Quite Fast Whenever I Think Regarding You. She States In case This Is Kumkum Bhagya’s Love That Maa Talks Regarding. She States In case This Is The Same Love Afterwards Nobody Could Separate Us, As His own Bhagya Is Linked With Her Kumkum. Ranbir Informs That They Are Linked By Heart & Don’t Need To Gain Separated From Her.

He Requests God Not To Separate Them, & States In case You Don’t Accomplish This Afterwards I Going to Never Worship You. Rhea Is Driving Her Car & Informs That Neither Prachi Nor Maya Is Made For You, Right As of now Maya Has To Leave From Your Personal life. Ranbir Looks In The Sky.

Prachi Also Looks Out From The Window, Recalling Her Moments With Ranbir. Ranbir Also Imagines Of Prachi & Recalls Their own Moments….Main Kamli…Teri Galiya Song Plays…..Prachi Maintains Her Hand On Her Heart, Ranbir Also Does The Same.

Rahul Calls Maya. Maya Picks The Call & Requests Why Did You Call Me? Rahul States I Don’t Trust You. The Maya States In case You Don’t Trust Me Afterwards Just how Going to Be The Love. Rahul Gets Up & Informs That He Got (1) Wound. Maya Requests In case He Is Drunk.

She States You Are Drinking Even After Assuring Me. Rahul Informs That He Is Scared, Ranbir Is Extra Handsome & Rich & States Once You Marry Him Afterwards You Going to Not Give Him Divorce.

Maya States I Going to Divorce Him. Rahul Shouts & States You Have To Give Divorce To Him. He States Your Bade Papa Going to Threaten Ranbir To Love You & Afterwards You Going to Not Leave Him. Maya States I Going to Divorce Him & Requests Him Not To Drink. Rahul Informs That He Loves Her A Lot & Don’t Need To Lose Her.

Maya Locates Rhea’s Call Coming & Informs Rahul That She Going to Talk To Him Thereafter, As Rhea’s Call Is Coming. She Picks Rhea’s Call. Rhea Requests Her To Come & Meet In The Backside Of Her Home. The Maya States Ok. She Comes Behind Her Home. Dushyant Comes Speaking On Phone Regarding Ranbir & States Person Is Diamond & Ladies Have been Behind Him. Maya Comes To Rhea & Requests Why Did You Call Me?

Rhea States I Just Inquired You Accomplish Drama With Ranbir & Requests Why Did You Gain Severe With Him. She States I Scheduled All Those Conspiracies So That I Could Support & Impress Him, However, This Marriage Is Not In The Deal. She Requests Her To Back Off. Maya States I Going to Not & Informs That This Deal Has been Quite Old & Everything Shifts With Time. She Requests Her To Move From Ranbir & Her Way, Else….

Rhea Requests What are You Going to Accomplish? Maya States I Going to Expose You Infront Of Everybody, I Going to Tell Everybody That You & Your Buji Had Scheduled Fraud Harassment Complaint On Ranbir.

Dushyant Hears Them. Maya States Whatever I Has been Doing Afterwards Has been On Your Sayings, Afterwards What Going to Happen, Ranbir, Your Dad & Everybody Going to Hate You. She States Even In case I Back Off Afterwards Prachi Going to Snatch Ranbir From You & Afterwards You Going to Be Named As Loser.

Rhea Slaps Her Tough. Maya States I Going to Not Slap You In Repatriate As I Am Feeling Sympathetic Towards You. She States Whom You Love, Going to Becomes Either Of Me (or) Of Prachi.

She States You Must Have Respected Our Friendship, However, I Going to Accomplish. She States In case You Accomplish This Again Afterwards I Going to Slap You. She States You Has been Not In The Race To Win Ranbir.

Rhea States I Am Born To Win, Ranbir Is Just Mine. She States She Wins Without Attending In The Race. She States Neither You Nor Prachi Could Accomplish Anything. She Goes Angrily From There.

Dushyant Comes To Maya & Informs That The other Error. He States I Am Forgiving You For This Error. He States Ranbir, Prachi & As of now Aaliyah. He States Numerous Citizens Wants To Break This Marriage. He States Aaliya Has Provoked You To Commit Suicide & States In case Anybody Does Anything Afterwards I Going to Not Leave Them.

He States We Going to Expose Them. He States Aaliya & Rhea Could’t Harm You & Informs That In case Anybody Hurts Them, Afterwards They Going to Repatriate Their own Favors With Concern.

Prachi Is Thinking Regarding Ranbir. Ranbir Rises Up The Balcony & Requests Prachi In case He Could Come. Prachi Smiles & States Come. She Afterwards Realises He Has Come In Reality & Requests Why Did You Come? She Closes The Door. Ranbir Requests Shall I Come Inside.

The Prachi States Yes & Informs That Sometimes Door Shall Be Utilized To Come. Ranbir Smiles & Informs That He Is Getting Wedded To Maya Tomorrow & Reminds Her Regarding Rahul & Maya’s Schedule That She Going to Divorce Me Next Day. Prachi States Yes.

I Remember, What Is The Issue In case Divorce Going to Happen. Ranbir States Issue Is That, For Divorce Lady, Insists Extra Amount From Person & I Don’t Need My Dad’s Hardwork Earning To Go To Maya. He States What Going to Citizens Say & I Don’t Need To Marry Her & Don’t Need to Belief In The Relation That Is Not For Personal life. He States He Doesn’t Need To Marry Maya.

Prachi Requests You Need To Have Relation With Whom? Ranbir States I Need To Have Relation With…..Intehaa Song Plays…..He Moves Her Hairs From Her Face.

Abhi Is Speaking On Phone & Informs That He Going to Come For Gathering & Not Participating Marriage. Rhea Comes There & Cries, Requesting Abhi To Block The Marriage. The Abhi States This Is Not My Marriage, It Couldn’t Be Suspended Till Ranbir Stops It.

He States I Could’t Enforce Him & In case He Informs Me Anything Afterwards I Going to Block This Marriage. Rhea Recalls His own Words & Informs That He Don’t Need Your Support As He Doesn’t Need You To Gain In Any Issue.

Abhi States I Am A Big Issue Myself & Requests In case Ranbir Imagines This Day. The Rhea States In case You Block The Marriage In case Ranbir Informs You. Abhi States Yes & Informs That He Has A Feeling That This Marriage Going to Not Happen.

Rhea Hugs Him. Abhi Imagines Ranbir Going to Not Let This Marriage Happen As Only You Are Suitable For Him.

Prachi Requests Ranbir Again. Ranbir States He Wants To Have Relation With Her. Prachi Gets Surprised & Requests What Did You Say? The Ranbir States Like You Joked, I Also Joked.

He States He Wants Her To Stay With Him Throughout His own Marriage Being My Finest Friend. He States Whenever You Are With Me, I Feel Great & You Going to Safeguard Me. He States Once Everything Become Fine, Afterwards, We Going to Stay Together. He Requests Going to You Stay With Me & Requests In case You Going to Leave Me Ever.

Prachi States I Going to Not Leave You. Ranbir Requests Her To Assure. Prachi Holds His own Hand & States She Don’t Like To Assure As It Breaks, She Requests Him To Trust Her That She Going to Come & Going to Never Leave Him. She Requests Him To Trust Her & States Assure.

Someone Knocks On The Door. The Prachi States May Be Maa Had come, In case She Sees You Here… the Ranbir States You Going to Never Have Any Issue In Personal life When I Am With You, This Assure Might Break, However, I Going to Try Not To Break It.

He States My Marriage Is Happening With Someone Else, However, I Going to Just Await For You. Prachi Gets Emotional & Teary Eyes. He Leaves From The Window.

Prachi Opens The Door & Comes To The Window. She Recalls Holding His own Hands & Maintains On Her Hand On Her Chest. Song Plays…Galiya

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