Qurbaan Hua 19th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Neil Spies On Chahat To Find About Dr Baig

Neil problems Chahat that he’ll take (2) the keys from her in thirty minutes, Chahat threatens him that it’s not right to dream within the day, Neil leaves assures that he’ll take (2) the keys from her & leaves after hitting her photo with a dart, she goes to her mom informing that she only.

needs to locate the box after that she’ll hand back the keys.          Jamuna clarifies that from they’d the keys the locker has been in their own room however as of now Chahat has the keys so the locker going to remain within the residing room, Chahat also comes & jamuna requests that she give some of the amount to Godambari for racing, Chahat requests her just how much amount she needs.

& Godambari insists thirty thousand rupees & she also begins maintaining a journal for it, Baleq clarifies that she’s initiated maintaining a report, Viyas states that it’s a great habit & she’s doing what his own daughter Saraswati did when she has been alive.

Neil comes with a tattoo gun clarifying that Chahat wanted to gain a tattoo after marriage, he imagines of just how his own friend Baphoo gave him an idea, Chahat also states he must gain a tattoo of her name.

Neil immediately backs out however afterwards a war begins in between them & in last jamuna requests Viyas regarding his own call, he references that Neil has already given the answer at the moment of GrehPerwash when he assured that he’d never leave the side of Chahat, she takes the gun form him however he drops it & it breaks, all of them leave, Godambari exclaims that it’d were best that she in place of watching the fight would’ve equipped the vegetables.

Neil flaunts the keys ahead of Neil requesting that he assured to take (2) them in thirty minutes so what happened to his own challenge, Neil wonders why Chahat needs the keys so much & what has happened.

Chahat arrives the room & the Sarree opens she wonders just how ladies could walk within the sarree as it always opens for her, Neil comes out of the bathroom covered in a towel, he immediately turns exclaiming that she must have knocked before coming in.

he turns & she also picks the sarree covering her body, he references that he understood she always wanted to take (2) advantage of her & that her intentions have been never true, she states that he has been the 1 to pick up the problem of her religion ahead of the family (4) when he stated that she must gain a tattoo.

he requests why she accepted because she knowing that would go in hell after marrying a Hindu, she states that her religion makes her feel calm & gives satisfaction that he can’t alter, he states that he only needs gain closer to her dad in order to take (2) revenge of his own sister, she also agrees that she’d take (2) the challenge of proving that her dad is innocent.

his own towel is regarding to fall when she closes her eyes & he goes to alter his own clothes, she seeing the chance acts as in case she’s sleeping within the bed.

He comes out & imagines of never sleeping on the floor, he turns on the light she imagines that he’s given up, when she turns he’s beside her on the bed she warns to pinch him however instead gets a shock, afterwards he clarifies that she must never cross on his own side.

when he sleeps she imagines of going to locate the diary of her dad, she opens the locker & is able to locate the box, just afterwards Neil comes down, she hides the box however Neil is sleep walking & he acts as in case he’s within the kitchen, she takes him up stairs & pushes him within the bed.

Within the in the morning, Chahat is dressing when Neil wakes up & is having a headache, he requests in case he has been sleep walking, she states that she doesnot really know regarding it, he goes to gain the pill for the headache.

Chahat opens the box & locates the receipt she calls it to locate regarding who’s made the box however the shop keeper references that the human who purchased the ear ring already had it & so they also inquired him to give them the number, he requests Chahat to await.

Neil is on the different end mentioning that the act of sleep walking actually made payment off.

he imagines that as of now he’d be able to gain closer to Dr Baig as Chahat would surely try to locate the address of her dad however he’d locate him before she’s able to.

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