Bahrain: Fiscal Plans On Track, Says Minister of Finance, Shaikh Salman

Minister of Finance and National Economy Shaikh Salman bin Khalifa Al Khalifa has emphasized the ongoing work to attain the initiatives and recommendations of this government to boost the sustainability of the public fund, safeguard assets, focus on priorities, reduce expenditure and increase revenues.

This came as the Minister of Finance and National Economy talked in a meeting yesterday with all the officials responsible for their fiscal events in ministries and government institutions to follow up on the processes set up in combination with the implementation of the Fiscal Balance Programme.

He pointed out that the Fiscal Balance Programme, which aims to reach fiscal balance between government expenditure and revenues’ purpose is going on based on this pre-set plan.

The Minister of Finance and National Economy commended the efforts of the Ministerial Committee for Financial and Economic Affairs and Fiscal Balance, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, that led to fostering performance of the government’s expenditure, developing financial procedures and boosting governance.

They examined initiatives and projects carried out by the Ministry of Finance and National Economy to boost efficacy of the government’s fiscal processes and the new principles while preparing the people budget to the years 2024-2022, to be adopted.

The Minister of Finance and National Economy lauded the efforts made to attain forecast targets, stressing the part of the task forces in charge of decreasing the government’s operational cost and exercising recommendations and efforts to rationalize the government’s cost and ensure optimum utilization of financial resources. He also underlined keenness of the Ministry of Finance and National Economy and relevant parties.

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