Bahrain Travel Alert: Bahrain Urges People to Avoid Travel to China

CAIRO – Bahrain has officially urged its citizens to cancel unnecessary travel to China due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The ministry advised all of its nationals against traveling to other world nations.

On January 30, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi led the authorities to take all necessary steps for returning the Egyptian expatriates from the Chinese city of Wuhan, the birth-place of this mortal coronavirus (nCoV), ” said the Cabinet at a statement.

The ambassador to China Mohamed contacted the government for coming to the Egyptians that wish to return home and leave town to acquire consent, stated additional.

The cupboard called upon most of Egyptians that wish to leave town to phone the embassy on 01065322541 or send an email on [email protected], contrary to another various method of connections on the social networking platforms.

On Thursday,” the Health Minister Hala Zayed of Egypt declared sending 10 tons of supplies to help stop the spread of this coronavirus that was new, confirming aid would be provided by the country to the people in Egypt.

The World Health Organization announced since the primary transmission of this virus had been reported in America, the coronavirus outbreak a public-health crisis of global concern.

The National Health Commission of china stated there were 1,982 new cases and an extra 43 deaths, at Thursday’s end. That attracts the total of the country to instances and 213 deaths, the authorities said.


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