Beyhadh 2, 31st January 2024 Episode Update: Rudra Tries to Find Maya

Beyhadh 2, 31st January 2024 Episode Written Update: Rudra Tries to Find Maya.

Rudra is waited for by Maya in Rishikesh. Ananya pleads because he promised to be with her 15, Rudra to not leave her. Rudra says that he leaves her in pain can not betray her if he marries her, then he will not have the ability to enjoy her each heartbeat and breath goes to her.

Ananya says the wedding choice was taken by him. He states they chose to become fearful and to conceal their feelings he had been fearful. Ananya asks to select. Maya is said by Rudra and he must visit her.

When he belongs Ananya says, each connection and also their friendship will end. Rudra says he’ll finish when he does not go her renders and beforehand saying sorry. Downstairs, pandit inquires to telephone groom and bride. Emotionless walks.

Where’s Rudra Antara asks. Ananya says that he went. Sudhir asks who’s. Jaisingh is said by Ananya. Calls requests to take her mother and thanks and Rajiv him for risking his own life. If Maya Jaisingh is her author MJ inquires Ananya.

Sudhir chooses Ananya toward the doorway when MJ pleads because he worries Rudra is also gone just like Rishi Ananya to not go and says a lot of his play along with the play of his family.

Hunts and Rishikesh Maya is reached by Rudra. Status nearby states moksha is got by their spirit, when the ashes are immersed in Ganga, she’ll provide moksha that is full into Rudra.

Ananya advises MJ that Maya did not need her identity she’s the sole behind Rudra Rudra moved later the departure of Rishi and Rudra was brainwashed by her until today. Where can she live he asks.

The address is told by her. MJ does not find anything else there and reaches her home. Maya asks a seller to present her pearl necklace that is dark. Seller says if it’s somewhat shameful people do not purchase the pearl.

Maya states black will not alter the pearl necklace is bought by her and paints it black. If he watched her, Rudra revealing the pic of Maya asks the seller. The vendor says that she seemed crazy also desired a pearl necklace.

His collar is angrily held by Rudra. Maya states also drop a necklace let’s see she will be found by Rudra.

Frame burning is seen by MJ off and yells who’s that this Jai Singh. The title track of serial runs in the background. Maya proceeds dropping pearls. Rudra reaches on Maya and finds them one by you.

He attempts to kiss her if he is called by MJ and holds her face. She behaves as yelling pushing on Rudra in water runs off believing his and watching the title of MJ every step will probably likely be for her.

Rudra grabs and follows her. She yells as she believes that her heart is broken up to 1000 pieces and its fantasies that are not possible to rejoin them stop showing him, abandon him.

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