Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 3rd February 2024 Episode: Mishti & Abir Confronts Each Other

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 3rd February 2024 Episode Written Update: Mishti & Abir Confronts Each Other.

The daily episode begins with Meenakshi we must locate my son. Inspector claims let the ambulance go, then you are able to go.

Abir says no, I need to be powerful and pushes the ambulance.

Mishti states Abir is at the certain ambulance and calls Kunal, he is not at the lakeside. Exactly everything is asked by Kunal. Meenakshi believes it’d be Mishti. Mishti states Abir could have gone into my house.

Abir remembers the words of Mishti also comes to the temple. He states she understood like I am aware that Nishant isn’t right, my father is incorrect, she might have told me broken my heart, so I must inform her Nishant is currently still lying.

There comes A truck out in there. Mishti does not observe the pushes and ambulance beyond. Kunal states Abir is not in the lake, Mishti proceeded there. would she let’s reality, I believe he’s at lake Meenakshi states.

Kunal says she will locate him will she lie, so she abandoned her union to locate Abir I m tracking her. Abir rings and prays the bell. Mishti returns back into the temple.

He prays he informs Nishant’s fact. She states I find him where could he be and sees that the ambulance. She says why am I why do I believe that Abir is still nowhere attracted to the particular noise. She yells Abir and climbs on the bus shirt. Abir yells Mishti….. She turns and sees him. Dheere….plays… She inquires are you nice.

He climbs onto the bus roof. She’s his hands. They espouse. He asks can you achieve here. She says that I believed something occurred to you. He asks are you really currently nice. She inquires are you nice. They espouse.

He says that its your union, did you run off, did you inquire Rajshri. She awakens. He inquires. She says that I wished to do everything you wished to perform on Karwachauth nighttime, I’d have said, we’ll run off and get married, and then we’ll persuade everyone, I would like to fight with you, maybe not with you personally, I believed you’re at risk, our togetherness and love really will be correct, we both know correct. He says.

She says we’ll go take me. He says we’ll do so, I guarantee I will not let anybody. Abir is shouted by Meenakshi. Mishti is shouted by Nannu. Mishti and abir find their own families and state we will speak. Nannu asks Mishti to return, he wants to talk. Mishti is helped by Kunal. Kunal is pushed by Nannu.

Her hands is held by abir. Abir asks her hands to be left by Nannu. Nannu says you’ll depart her hands, she’s my would-be wife, abandon her. Abir inquires, are you threatening me. Nannu states go home, I do not need to battle. Abir says I do not need to battle. She states Nannu… Nannu says do not telephone me Nannu, come by me.

He requests her hands to be left by Abir. When she is pulled by Nannu Mishti gets hurt. Abir says sorry and leaves her hands. Vishwamber inquires Mishti hurt. Nannu says I’m sorry. Jasmeet claims.

Rajshri Includes Shaurya. She states Mishti and Nishant will not wed. Would you move against me Vishwamber asks. Rajshri says Mishti will be supported by me, we will hear her about her life, Meenakshi stated that Mishti came from relatives, her Muboli/namesake is called by Jasmeet, everybody makes her understand that.

Vishwamber states no this man gave her tears, Mishti threatens. They assert. Mishti claims sorry, you’re currently fighting for me. Abir states I am scolded by you, please, now I’m sorry, so three lives will be destroyed with this union, she adores me. Vishwamber says you abandon.

He says I’ve returned, please provide me an opportunity. Vishwamber states Rajshri tells me I did not hear you, I’ll ask you. Jasmeet asks Mishti to state. Mishti says I’m sorry. Jasmeet says I’m accountable for the afternoon once Rajshri and Vishwamber obtained you. Parul includes Kuhu and Nanu. Mishti says I understood that this will occur, I had been concerned you will repent to put me.

Why can you run off in the home, shaurya inquires. Mishti states I had been believing that Abir is at risk, I wanted to see whether he was ok, he met a crash. Kuhu inquires what, are you really okay. Abir states fine.

Mishti states for you personally, Abir is the man who broke my heart, but for me personally, he’s the man who left me fulfill my loved ones, there wasn’t a motive behind his doing, that the motive was, he still believes about his family initially and then for himself. Vishwamber says that he did not believe for you.

Jasmeet says you forgot the union of its own Nannu. Mishti says I stated for union, its own error, I had been wrong, its not reasonable I penalize Nannu, ” I do not understand what’s going to occur with Abir and me personally, but I can not tie him using a connection that does not have any love he does not deserve a union that’s merely a compromise. Jasmeet scolds her.

Her ceases. Mishti says allow Jasmeet say, Nannu explained he will assist Abir and me combine when Abir enjoys me, I did not understand just how much harm you’ll soon probably be, Nishant, I tried the very best to provide an opportunity to our connection, I’ll spend my whole life in striving, but I will not love you.

Nannu states you inform me, that you adore Abir, or why would you leave your home, since you believed Abir is not secure, you realize I deserve this response. Mishti states Abir is loved by me.

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