Bigg Boss 13: 2nd February 2024 Update: Salman Questions Himanshi’s Intentions

Bigg Boss 13, 2nd February 2024 Episode Update: Salman Questions Himanshi’s Intentions.

Weekend special
Salman invites everybody to the program. He claims that some links went within to sustain the prisoners. There was one job today additionally, Hina performed it.

In the Bigg Boss 13 House
Paras states Asim is a slave of Rashami. Asim states Mahira is a fan, do not direct at me. Devo states we pick Mahira as she plays as Paras’ darkness.

Mahira informs Paras that they are combating due to me. Sana hugs Sid. Shahbaz views.
Paras informs Akash that Asim such as to make problems, Asim is hostile however Rashami is playing the game. He is simply Rashami’s fan.

Salman Khan On the BB 13 Stage

Kash states I was chatting concerning Sid, I believed Arti dropped in love with Sid so I asked her however Arti is puzzled. Kash states Arti stated that he is a good friend.

Arti claims I stated that he is a great individual however our personalities do not match, I have to birth with Kash yet I have a selection currently.


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