Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 24 March 2024 Episode: Aman Seeks Tabeezi’s Help

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 24th March 2024 Episode Written Update: Aman Seeks Tabeezi’s Help.

The daily episode starts with Roshni saying Laila’s curse doesn’t harm them. Aman tells her “I did not allow it happen”.

She says you are trying to be close to me. He replies you are staring me in the mirror.

Roshni leaves from there to go down to the party. Aman realizes he has to save Roshni, Aman looks at the timer and he rushes to save Roshni.

Roshni gets down from stairs, it plays in slow motion, Aman runs fast towards Roshni (slow motion plays).

A toy car comes under Roshni’s foot and she begins to fall, Aman holds her hand and saves her, beautiful background plays.

They’ve got an eyelock. Imran asks what is this. Bridge is said by her. Bridge is asked by him, we’ll keep walking. She asks him to not be negative, she’ll go.

Imran says I’m sorry, I will come, what do you understand about bridge, did you proceed. Farah says no. Imran says the mature is med by me here, I’m not scared. Locha asks Chotu to come after her. Chotu goes. He has stunned seeing the rocks. Farah and imran get to shout and shocked Chotu.

Aman says Roshni dropped in my property at risk. He recalls. He states I’m taking Roshni into the farmhouse and predicts Khanna, you simply take your family to the home of Tabeezi. Chotu says I have saved.

Iran says we did not pick, who asked you to move there. Locha asks Chotu to come. Farah says wait, I’ll come. Equilibrium is lost by her. Her spine is pulled by Imran. He says I’ll go and rescue him. Chotu says rescue. Imran says that I will come, look at me.

Imran runs back and cries for assistance again. He states what start the lock and will I do today, you’ve gone go alone. Chotu inquires. Imran says , you are able to do it. He encourages. Chotu says I’ll do it.

Did you get me, Roshni inquires. Aman states for your security. She states security will probably be together with family. He asks her to come together. He calls Tabeezi and states that I can not clarify much.

Roshni will expire in two hours due to curse, you do not recall, but you’re alive daily for the next time, you’re doing something to rescue, attempt to remember, we’ve got less time. He sees Roshni gone. He calls outside her and appears for her anywhere.

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