Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24 March 2024 Episode: Kartik & Naira’s Moment

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th March 2024 Episode Written Update: Kartik And Naira’s Moment.

The daily episode Begins with Naira. She says these items were had by me. Kartik claims wow, you’d these wrap papers. Naira states no, it was discovered by me. Like you’ve got the solution of every issue, he states.

She says we’re currently enjoying the party preparation. He states its for the birthday of Dadi. He says we do not do so in circumstance. She says we will discover thing that is positive at a matter, we could devote time, we could perform things that are pending, finish the complaints.

He states finish my whine. What is asked by her. The mask is worn by her also states distancing is essential. He says I understand.

Samarth says whether the virus is damaging for women, that I wished to ask and calls the doctor, is there some precaution. Gayu seems on. He states manage hygiene and avoid going outside.

She says do not worry, I still have the exact same fear in my head, I’m concerned about Devyaani and Bhabhimaa. Samarth asks her to not worry. Vansh claims we’re becoming bored and comes. Samarth says you came from out. Vansh states Naira gave a sanitizer to me, she gave me and Kairav a tub.

Dadi asks Surekha to earn a list of items. Surekha says we’ll keep inventory that is double. Naira asks her to get matters. Kartik says we will have it consider people who don’t receive the things, according to our need, they ought to get what they need. Dadi says , they are correct. Surekha says the order will be changed by me.

Bhabhimaa shouts a lot. consoles. Samarth comes. He states I have begun to meet with you, I can not get Gayu in this state. Devyaani asks him to clarify Bhabhimaa. Samarth says you should not worry.

Bhabhimaa says Naksh can’t be seen by me he can not travel to residence. Samarth says Kartik and I’m here, if Naksh is not here, nothing will occur to you, you need to live for 150 decades, I have some imp items, use this fine, sanitizer and sprays, only be cautious and no disorder will come near. Everybody does the agreements. Yeh rishta kya….plays…. Samarth Requires Gayu. Suwarna to love stops. She runs off.

Kairav says birthday woman has arrived. Surekha asks what exactly will we do. Vansh states we will handle. He states there’s a tree in the bud and belongs to Dadi. Dadi inquires I will not go out.

She is taken by kairav. Devyaani states Kirti has sent a message, you describe us we shouldn’t think incorrect, if we believe great good will occur, ideas should be ended by us.

Naira says I can not even correct this particular hook and gets prepared. Why am I frustrated she says, cleanliness is imp. If she’s ready kartik comes to determine. He smiles and sees her. Dekheya….plays…. They’ve a moment.

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