AP: Coronavirus Cases Rises to 7 in Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada, Rajamundry, Chintalpudi, Tirvuru

The coronavirus cases raised to 7 in the Andhra Pradesh on Sunday with one in Vijayawada and others from Rajahmundry.

A youth, aged 24 from One Town in Vijayawada was taken to the isolation ward at the Govt General Hospital on Friday. He came from Paris to Delhi on March 15 and flew to Hyderabad, as per the report.

The other case of youth, aged 24 from Rajahmundry returned from London to Hyderabad on March 18.

As per today’s report, a person returned from London found coronavirus infected and caught by police in Chintalapudi, A.P. It is also reported that the person has attended a marriage function.

Another coronavirus suspected case found in Tirvuru, who came from Hyderabad.

Special Note from Logical Daily:

We appeal to all coronavirus infected people, not to escape from the hospitalization and spread the disease to more people.

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