Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th January 2024 Episode: Prisha Cries for Saransh

Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th January 2024 Episode Written Update: Prisha Cries for Saransh.

The daily episode begins with everybody. Bunty states I want Rajeev was living. consoles. Mishika and Ahana come house in a tight state. Ahana states nobody will understand we’re drunk, everybody could have slept by today.

She states the theme party and sees that the people. Mishika says lets go. Ahana says that they should not understand we’re drunk. Where were you maa inquires personally. Prisha hugs states and Saransh let me speak to him. Inspector nods.

Prisha says anything is occurring is a match, we must play with, it’s fake, it is going to demonstrate that we’re courageous and powerful, we must stay away, you’ll remain with Gopal and Vasu, I’ll remain here, we’ll win this match, I do not lie. Saransh states come home I really don’t wish to play with this game.

She says we’re courageous. He says we’ll do cheating, please come. She says we can not deceive, there’s camera. Why play for other’s kid I did not marry her, Yuvraj believes. Ahana says phone was silent.

Maa asks are you really. Ahana says, its own Rajeev’s birthday, we celebrated, Balraj is currently performing great to throw a celebration, but motif is boring, nobody is dead. Maa states Rajeev… Ahana says happy birthday Rajeev. Maa states Rajeev met with a crash, he’s no longer. Mishika and Ahana get stunned.

Ahana inquires did Rajeev expire, what’s she saying. She yells. Mishika says we come and will alter. Yuvraj states Saransh is a kid that is courageous, he wins and will play the match. Prisha asks Saransh to not shout. Saransh inquires how do I live with no cancel this match, come home. Prisha says we must win.

Saransh says I could triumph. Saransh is taken by Yuvraj. Prisha is placed in lock-up. Gopal says do not eliminate courage, tell me, did you do so crash, I am being told by Yuvraj, I do not think it, state it. Prisha says that I told you do not ask, visit Saransh. They depart and shout. Yuvraj asks Gopal to go message and home. Gopal says I want to speak. Yuvraj believes go.

Did the injury happen before you, gopal inquires? Yuvraj says I would haven’t thought this, she could go to any extent for Saransh, although Prisha is practical, Rajeev threatened to kill Saransh, she killed Rajeev and got mad. Gopal is hugged by him and asks him not to be worried.

He directs Saransh, Vasu and Gopal. Yuvraj says that he does not need to believe me, even no, my match will become over if he gets Prisha states the fact, I’ll give one romance dose to Prisha she does not take my title. Mishika says I understand you did not adore Rajeev, but shout a little. Rudraksh claims sorry, Rajeev left us. Ahana says I understand, this has to be tricky for you, Rajeev adored you, I’ll be OK.

For raping a woman Prisha inspector gets frozen. He states that I broke the rules and got punished. Yuvraj inquires why are you carrying the blame, why. Prisha says I’m not doing so to you, but for myself personally and Saransh, ‘

‘I do not desire you to be referred to as an offender, you adore me and Saransh too much, Saransh has his own father for you, my parents have a kid, you’re together, I know you will manage them, ” I know you may get me freed, I did so for my loved ones and love. He says I did this offense.

She says you moved to fulfill with Rajeev for our sake, I will do so to you. He believes she does not have any sense. He says that I love kisses her and you Prisha. Rudraksh sees the hand of Rajeev will not exactly the help and wound.

Maa says he’s dead, there’s absolutely no life in him that will not have some pain. Balraj cries. Constable asks Yuvraj to fulfill with its late Prisha tomorrow. Yuvraj says tomorrow, I shall come. He smiles and moves

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