Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22nd January 2024 Episode: After 4 Years

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 22nd January 2024 Episode Update;

Dadi performs pooja. Dadi says 4 years back, our life was repeated again. Guddan left this home and our home became dark.

Dadi does pooja. Dadi says our life has been composed. Guddan left my home and this home became dim. My Guddan, where are you? AJ did not trust her and did not enjoy her love. I really don’t know where she is. Please ship my Guddan back. Durga states and comes dadi, are you really okay? I understand you are upset.

Nonetheless, it’s been years. Guddan will not come back. She’s forgotten us. We ought to give up with this expectation. Dadi says that the expectation is not unworthy. AJ and guddan are one. Laxmi states do you think AJ will be fine? Dadi states him would cure. God must fulfill my desire. My AJ can’t be seen by me. Please treat him God.

AJ drinks it and takes a different bottle of champagne. Vishesh is said by him? He says he is coming. We need to create a dish. He states upgrade me and go there. The test states on his finger cuts. The food company comes there. The supervisor says he’s there. What do we do? The chef’s finger is cut. AJ says the food will be made by me.

Where’s my juice saru states? She’s the secrets of the home. Where are the servants saru states? There leaves A child pebbles on the ground. He drops. He says it had been fun and laughs. He is Durga’s son. Durga and laxmi select on Saru. Durga states are you really okay? Saru says request him to get down on the couch.

Your own supplies shall stop. Durga says he will be talked to by me. Saru says give me him for 2 days that I shall teach a lesson to him. Durga says closed up I am the one here. Saru says I’m the owner of the home. Aarav is said to by saru, I publish what and your college fees. Handle home will sit.

Dadi says he’s a child. Dadi says Aarav. Aarav claims sorry. He belongs to his chamber. Saru states Antra is overseas to earn an offer. I was given control of what by her. Don’t act smart. I’m Saru. I can be quite rude. Dadi your Guddan will not ever return. Dadi leaves.
Durga states how dare she. Laxmi says we can not do anything. Durga says it the error of AJ. What’s he become?

Next scene,
Vishesh is concerned. AJ says do not doubt my skills. He cooks but retains drinking. The dish is made by AJ. The chef states how can you do so? AJ states like breathing. Vishesh states your own glass and comes there.

Some beggars come within the restaurant. The supervisor says please consume sir. The company says nothing more than the ambiance of the usual restaurant. Request these insects to depart. AJ says closed up; He states Vishesh brings meals for the children He asks the children to sit down on precisely the table.

Inspector says what crap is that? Do these beggars sit alongside me? You can be sued by me. AJ says read it states available to all. In case you’ve got an issue with that get dropped. The inspector states your days count. AJ states get you out blo*dy fools.

AJ asks the children to eat. AJ states where do you reside? He states on the street. AJ says as soon as you eat, I’ll take you. You may live there. Vishesh says he’s an orphanage. We’ll eliminate our clientele, When he keeps doing so.

AJ drops and beverages on booth. It states gola. The title is looked at by AJ. He recalls his minutes. Why would you keep coming facing me, AJ states ? The proprietor states why are you currently making a wreck? Do you have a name with this particular booth, he says. He states Guddan is my booth. It keeps me happy. The booth breaks. AJ says I despise you Guddan. I gave freedom to you.

The host states we’re welcoming Guddan, the Bollywood feel. Guddan is determined by the point. She says it has been 40 days and 4 decades. It created my future bright. I really don’t know what is next.

AJ states I’m sorry and provides money. He walks Guddan’s title. AJ cries. Guddan is surrounded by media.

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