Kasautii Zindagii Kay 27th January 2024 Update: Anurag Rescues Prerna

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 27th January 2024 Episode Written Update: Anurag Rescues Prerna.

The daily episode begins with Anurag stating you feel that will play a match with me, I noticed your chat, you must hear me, tell me, where’s Prerna. The goon states you’re confused, I m a watchman here. Where’s Prerna, I’ve seen you tell the truth, Anurag says crap, you’re hiding in the pace.

The goon states I do not understand. He is beaten by Anurag. The goon says they’ve taken Prerna into the cliff, trust me. Anurag says you ought to never have got beaten up if you told. He chooses and receives a phone. He asks is that your cell phone. He moves and chooses the sim.

Jagga says that she will acquire awareness at some moments. Ronit says we’ll be about the cliff at a certain moment, our difficulties will wind with her ending. Anurag is along the way. Ronit asks to turn to be taken by Jagga.

Jagga says, however, the route is closed provided. Ronit says I understand, take the left hand. The car stops and sees two paths. He moves. Komolika is on the cliff.

She sees Prerna being brought by Ronit. She says I had been slapped on by you, I do not need to penalize her I wish to watch her dying, get Prerna that is aware, you’ll be in pain. She raises hands. Her hands are held by Prerna. She says I’m not scared of you, you can not do anything, I’m convinced I will become to by Anurag.

Prerna asks to behave innocent or are you really ridiculous, I get mad in your words, you make me mad, you will not be living. They assert. Komolika takes her. Anurag is on route. Komolika asks Prerna to proceed towards the border, there’s an opportunity. Prerna gets back.

Komolika says its a disorder commit suicide, tell me something, return and to be a mother, life changes once you conceive constraints. Anurag says I’m arriving Prerna. Komolika states nobody will come to rescue you. Prerna is pushed by her.

She says that you love your own life a good deal. Prerna says I adore Anurag, my child, my loved ones, I’ve made a mistake to fulfill with you personally, I wish you existed. Komolika says I wish you did not arrive in my entire life, want of us will finish. She states Ronit, lets try something exciting, ties Prerna together with all the rope, we’ll cut the rope, so Prerna will throw down, the ending.

Ronit ties Prerna and understands the rope. Anurag is in route. Ronit ties Prerna together with all the rope. The other end is tied by him into the vehicle. He says we are done. Jagga states in case you proceed I shall push you down, then stand. cuts. Anurag comes there. Prerna is seen by him.

Komolika Prerna and everybody see Anurag. Prerna is pushed by jagga. Anurag is shouted by Prerna. Anurag runs to capture her. He yells Prerna and imagines that. Komolika states Anurag. Jagga Anurag has arrived push on her, do not wait for the rope cutting, take action. The rock at Jagga throws. Jagga falls. Prerna drops. The rope grabs and runs. Anurag is shouted by prerna.

Ronit and komolika appear on. The rope retains and jumps. Komolika asks Ronit to depart. Does Jagga possess the keys, Ronit inquires. Prerna upwards is pulled by anurag. Viraj comes there. He sees Anurag in the border.

He runs to help and yells Prerna. Komolika says unwind Komolika… He thinks I do not understand what’s going to occur of Ronit and Jagga, I must reach there and behave I also have begun to help. She belongs to them. Komolika is seen by Prerna.

Komolika offers aid. Prerna comes up. Viraj appears around. Prerna Requires Anurag. Viraj seems on. Why did go out of here komolika sees the automobile of Ronit and believes. Anurag asks are you currently fine.

Prerna nods. He says the infant is a nice to unwind. Ronit runs off. Anurag states handle Prerna, Viraj. Prerna says go don’t abandon me. Anurag says I do not wish to spare I’ll be back. He runs following Manja and Ronit. They conceal

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