Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 27th January 2024 Episode: Nishi Provokes Veena

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 27th January 2024 Episode Written Update: Nishi Provokes Veena.

With Veena inquiring Sonakshi would you tell everything the Episode begins. Sonakshi states would I conceal anything. Rohit asks Veena to calm down. Veena inquires about registering up this prenup agreement, why did not you inform Rohit. A while ago, Inspector asks Sonakshi to come back together with him.

Rohit seems on. Inspector asks Sonakshi to state. Rohit requires Veena into Naren. Veena says I want you Naren and yells. Rohit gets hints Tulsi and a telephone. Inspector says alright, I received my replies, you can go. Sonakshi sees and goes Suman. Suman says its only me, nobody from Sippys came , come home. Sonakshi says I must go to the hospital, just how do I come home.

Suman says do not be an idiot, you wish to visit those men and women that are thankless. Ajit states and comes to the telephone of its own Rohit. Sonakshi asks are you currently fine. Rohit says, are you really fine.

She allows me to go and says, I have been questioned by them. He states sorry, I ship and could not come to Ajit. She says I know are Mumma and daddy. He states daddy is about ventilator, mother is nice, are you coming. She says I’m coming. She says I must visit the hospital. Suman seems on.

Rohan stops and states that you did not come to me personally. Rohan says that it’s not the ideal time to go over this. He recalls the words of Tanya. He says it’s over. She was stunned. He says over its.

She says you left Tanya. He says, she’s my spouse, she can’t be divorced by me, tell me, just how much cash you need, you won’t have to meet with me. She scolds him. He says in the event that you have some self-esteem, your telephone or won’t fulfill me go. He leaves. She yells.

Rohit retains the hand of Naren. He yells. Sonakshi hugs consoles and Rohit. Nishi seems on. Rohit says I despise this guy but can not see him like that, you’re correct, the mother can’t remain without daddy, she had been restless, I gave her a sedative and sent her house, sorry from mother’s side, the mother is not able to bear this. She says no need, her illness is understood by me. He hugs her. Nishi gets stunned.

She says she can’t be supported by Rohit she will remain in Sippy mansion and discover out that suicide wasn’t committed by Naren, Veena explained Sonakshi signed the prenup, Rohit does not understand about it, ” I understand how to use this issue. Sonakshi says Veena will be explained by me, go home.

Rohit says I must be with daddy. Pooja yells and comes. She inquires will I treat him, please, do not know what to call him, uncle or… Rohit hugs her. He asks her to be using Naren. Nishi says prenup document will probably likely be in the cabinet of Naren, the key will be under the pillow.

She receives the key and sees Veena. She receives the arrangement file and opens the cabinet. She smiles and assesses it. She states Sonakshi does not conceal anything. The newspaper alters. Yash comes. The newspapers are hidden by her.


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