US will stay away from ridiculous foreign wars that never end: Trump

Washington(WA): The US going to stay far from “ridiculous” foreign wars that never end & bring back its army, President Donald Trump has stated, as he promised to strike down terrorists who threaten Americans & retain the nation’s “unrivaled” military might to make sure peace using strength.

Solving an election protest within the key battleground state of Florida(FL) on Thu., Trump claimed that for decades, American politicians had spent trillions of dollars rebuilding foreign countries, fighting foreign wars, & defensing foreign borders.

However as of now we’re finally protecting our country rebuilding our cities, & we’re bringing our jobs, our factories, & our army back house to the USA,” he stated.

“We’ll strike down terrorists who threaten our residents & we’ll keep out of America – of our nice nation – we’ll stay far from those ridiculous endless foreign wars. They never end,” Trump informed large number of his own supporters.

Quoting to the “endless foreign wars“, Trump stated that the American army have been coming back.

“They’re all coming house. They’re all coming house. We’ll retain America’s unrivaled military might. & we’ll make sure peace using strength. & nobody has strength like we’ve strength. Peace using strength,” he asserted.

One such highest campaign protests of the 2024 presidential elections, over 30,000 citizens changed out for the president’s protest in Jacksonville, Florida(FL), on Thu. night.

The high turn-out of his own supporters, ignoring the physical distancing steps during this COVID-19 epidemic, is reflective of his own fame within the State.

“I has been thrilled to be back in my house state of FLORIDA with large number of loyal, hard-working American Patriots in Jacksonville! Trump stated in a tweet with an impressive video footage of large number of citizens in the Jacksonville protest website.

Trump stated previous vice president & his own Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden has been having a tough time enticing citizens to his own protests.

“Isn’t it insane? Isn’t it insane? This is some of the, it’s interesting when Biden comes to Florida(FL), you’ve like, 12, 13 citizens. You really know, they accomplish the circles. & he’s a tough time filling up the circles. Here we probably have 30,000 citizens (or) so. That’s a plenty of citizens,” Trump stated.

Describing it as the most prominent election within the biography of the United States, Trump stated the Republicans have been handling insane citizens.

“They’re going to rise your taxes; they’re going to take-away your 2nd Amendment (right to bear arms). The Democrat Party was completely taken over by socialist, Marxist, & far-left extremists. They’ve rised the policies of communist Cuba, socialist Venezuela, they need to end the American Dream for Hispanic Americans,” he stated.

Trump claimed that Senator & Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris has been furthermore left than her party’s Senator Bernie Sanders.

“The Republican Party is the party of jobs, freedom, & safety & we’ll make sure that America never become a socialist (or) a communist nation, he stated.

“I say as of now a socialist (or) communist nation because these citizens are insane. Kamala. You really know Kamala is furthermore left than Bernie. I didn’t really know that. She’s the furthest left within the US Senate,” he claimed.

Trump stated Harris dropped out of the Democratic presidential race even before the begin of the primaries due to low poll numbers.

Trump stated that his own administration has been delivering a safe vaccine & the nation is doing a report economic recovery.

“This recovery is a report. They’ve never witnessed anything like it & next yr. is going to be, I think, the finest economic yr. within the biography of our nation. Unless a quite sleepy person got (1) in & he ruled to quadruple everyone’s taxes. Afterwards you could forget it,” he stated.

Jacksonville: Supporters of President Donald Trump cheer before he arrives to speak throughout a campaign protest, Thu., September. 24, 2024, in Jacksonville, Fla.AP/PTI Photo