Docs remove cell phone from man’s stomach after 7 months

Cairo: Doctors eliminated a cell phone from a young Egyptian’s stomach 7 mos after he’d swallowed it. In a prank with peers, the young person had swallowed the device about 7 mos back.

28-year-old, Hassan Rashad, experienced serious stomachache, after that his own stomach has been scanned. The scan result demonstrated a strange thing inside, that Rashad said that it’s a smart phone that he swallowed multiple mos back. As per his own brother Ahmed, Hassan Rashad has a mental illness & was undergoing medication for a long time.

Implementing a surgery, the doctors eliminated a wrapped smart phone from his own stomach.

Hassan, citizen of a small village in Qalubiya governorate, is presently getting medical care after the surgery.

7 mos back, throughout a bout of joking with his own friends, Rashad had swallowed the device in a challenge with his own friends. He didn’t tell his own family (4) regarding the incident.