Trump defends remarks about downplaying Covid-19 threat

Washington(WA), September 10 : US President Donald Trump has defended his own previously remarks that he wanted to downplay the COVID-19 danger to the American people, arguing that he’s a cheerleader for the nation & didn’t need to create panic.

Talking to Bob Woodward, author & associate editor of The Washington(WA) Post, on Mar 19, Trump had stated: “I wanted to always play it down, I still like playing it down, because I don’t need to create a panic,” Xinhua press agency recorded.

The remark has been disclosed in Woodward’s new book “Rage”, slated to declare this mo. It’s on the basis of 18 interviews that Trump gave Woodward between Dec 2019 & Jul 2024, along with background conversations with authorities & different sources.

Facing criticisms following the revelations, Trump demanded he has been right to keep his own issues regarding the epidemic private.

“We don’t need to instill panic, we don’t need to leap up & down & begin shouting that we’ve a issue that is a tremendous issue, scare everyone,” Trump informed journalists in the White Home on Wed., adding: “We’d to show calm.”

“The truth is I’m a cheerleader for this nation, I love our nation.

“& I don’t need citizens to be frightened, I don’t need to create panic, as you say. Certainly, I’m not going to drive this nation (or) the globe into a frenzy,” he added further.

Trump stated he downplayed the danger of the infection also because he didn’t “need pricing to go as many as a level that become almost unaffordable”.

The President also dismissed the records of his own previously remarks as “the other political hit job”.

As per the revelations, Trump informed Woodward in the other interview on Feb 7, when the US had recorded just some COVID-19-19 instances, that the infection has been extra dangerous than the flu.

“This is deadly stuff,” Trump stated, adding that the infection has been airborne & extra deadly “than even your strenuous flus”.

“It goes using air, Bob, that’s always tougher than the touch,” Trump stated. “The air, you just breathe the air & that’s just how it’s moved.”

However in people during this same period, Trump stated there have been at the moment numerous extra flu demises within the US, claiming that the infection would disappear “like a miracle”.

On Feb 26, he stated that COVID-19 instances within the nation would fall to “close to zero”.

3 days thereafter, he ensured the people that “everything is under curb”.

Seizing on the book’s revelations, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden slammed Trump in his own trip to key swing state Michigan(MI) on Wed., informing the President “knowingly & willingly lied regarding the danger it posed for mos”.

“He understood & purposely performed it down,” stated the previous Vice President. “Worse, he lied to the American citizens.”

“He’s failed our economy & our nation,” Biden added further.

Woodward’s book allegedly also disclosed Domestic Security Adviser Robert O’Brien alerted Trump on Jan 28 that the COVID-19 “going to be the largest domestic security danger you face in your presidency”.

Trump informed Woodward in May that he didn’t remember being informed that.

The US continues to be the worst-hit nation within the globe by this COVID-19 epidemic.

As of Thu., the amount of instances rised to 6,359,313, awhile the number of deaths stood in 190,796, as per the Johns Hopkins University.