Modi vs Opposition in States Over CAA-NPR-NRC, NIA

Centre versus state fight is picking momentum at a time when the BJP finds its footprints in the states shrinking – from ruling in 13 states on its own to just eight.

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  • West Bengal becomes 4th state to pass a resolution against Controversial CAA
  • Kerala state has already challenged the Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA) invoking Article 131 in the Apex Court
  • After Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra finds legal possibilities against Centre government over NIA

In his 1st term, Narendra Modi had in communication with the Opposition. Trust shortage between the parties and the judgment became evident than previously.

Except that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) legislation, no significant policy or executive conclusion of the Modi government has no support in the Opposition camp. The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has attracted the Opposition and the Modi government on a crash course.

States are passing resolutions (Kerala, Punjab and Rajasthan, also West Bengal) contrary to the CAA. Kerala has transferred the Supreme Court challenging the validity of the CAA.

Besides CAA, the other bone of contention between the Modi government and the Opposition-ruled countries appears to be the National Investigation Agency (NIA). A request by Congress-ruled Chhattisgarh is pending at the Supreme Court from the NIA law. Maharashtra is currently weighing its options from the Centre over the jurisdiction of NIA.

However, before we have a peek at what is going on in the event of both CAA and NPR (National Population Register), let’s determine exactly how Modi versus Opposition build-up has happened.

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