Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Episode Written Update 10 September 2024: Guddan Kills Ganga

Within the latest series of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Guddan, AJ, & Choti spend quality family (4) time with every different inside the hut.

Guddan gets teary-eyed seeing AJ wounded. He informs Guddan to hid as goons & Ganga surround the hut. Guddan carries Choti & runs far away. She approaches a temple & hides Choti inside.

On the different hand, AJ points the gun in Ganga & holds Avinash. He schedules to take (2) revenge from them for hurting Guddan & his own daughter. However suddenly, the goons shoot AJ & he falls on the field. Avinash & Ganga are happy seeing AJ passed. They thereafter schedule to murder Guddan & Choti.

Within the upcoming daily episode, Avinash forcefully takes Choti from Guddan. He informs Ganga to shoot Guddan & fulfill her desire. Ganga informs Guddan that AJ won’t come to her rescue as he’s passed.

Guddan gets stunned to really know that AJ is no extra. Guddan screams & informs Ganga to not shoot Choti. On the different hand, Dadi & Guddan’s family (4) pray for their own safety.

Suddenly, AJ comes for Guddan’s rescue & shoots Avinash. Ganga cries her heart out seeing Avinash breathe his own last. Guddan takes a trishul & throws it in Ganga. Ganga maintains Choti in a cart & pushes it far away.

Guddan & AJ run after the cart & leap off the cliff. AJ is successful in saving Choti, & he imparts Choti to Laxmi & Durga.

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